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Last work trip before vacation!!!

It’s 12:45pm, and i’m waiting in the Philadelphia Airport food court for my 1:35 flight back to Orlando.  This is just a quick post as I’ve been busy all week up here with my work.  Nothing really special to report, but I’m so looking forward to getting home for the weekend, and heading on vacation next week.

I had a bit of time before my flight so took a couple pics walking around the airport.  I really like Philadelphia’s Terminal A (mostly international terminal).  It’s large, spacious, and at least until the mid-late afternoon hours hardly occupied due to the international flights landing in the afternoon and leaving in the evening.

Philadelphia has 3 Admiral’s Clubs and the one in ‘A’ terminal is  by the far the biggest and best.  It was formerly the US Airways Envoy Lounge, which was only accessible for International First/Business Class and elite passengers flying internationally.  Now it’s open as a regular AA club, but still has the same floor plan, although not all the dinner munchies it used to have.  I walked by it, but didn’t go in this time in lieu of some exercise walking down the long A corridor and back a couple times.  I always stop though near the AA Club entrance and get a photo of the Lego-built Liberty Bell on display.

It was also fun spotting some signs of the times; in this case a pet ‘relief’ area, complete with fire hydrant!

an airplane-themed playground for kids:

and even a garden-like area with chairs, complimentary books to read, and real indoor garden plants growing.  (I saw a gardener watering them!)

I stayed at the Hyatt House Hotel in Plymouth, PA, which was about an hour from the airport, and 1/2 hour to my work site each day with traffic.  It was a nice hotel, but as I say didn’t have much time in the week to really have fun as I worked a bit late each evening, trying to finish up before vacation next week.

Now I’m heading to my flight.  I’ll write more over the weekend as Steve (DOS) and I prepare for our trip to AFRICA on Wednesday night.  We are taking an African Safari, and it should be a trip of a lifetime. I’ll write up the itinerary and post details soon.

Until then, gotta fly now!

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