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Long travel day to Paducah Kentucky!

It’s 7:35pm Central time as I write this from the Admiral’s Club in Chicago O’Hare Airport.  Steve (DOS) and I left the house this morning at 7:45am, and he dropped me off at the Orlando Airport for my 9:40am flight.  While I’m Executive Platinum with American and much prefer them, our new corporate policy is to fly United or Delta whenever possible.  I’ve never cared for Delta (first airline to abolish travel agent commissions, huge Atlanta hub, don’t publish their mileage chart on line making it impossible to know your miles valuation etc), so I take United if I can’t fly American.

Today I am on two flights on my way to Paducah, Kentucky, via Chicago.  My first flight to Chicago ended up being over five HOURS delayed!  Since Paducah only has two flights a day, this meant I obviously missed by 12:30pm connection, and would have to take the 9:20pm flight getting in at 10:30pm Central Time.

Not much to blog about now, but I’m using this time to catch up on some old posts I never finished.  Maybe I’ll get to them this week since I’ll be in Kentucky all week, with probably not a whole lot to do.

I walked over to the American Airlines Admiral’s Club where I have a membership, and have been relaxing in here for the last three hours.  I’m heading back over to United soon, as it’s a very long walk between terminals, and want to get a quick bite to eat before the flight to Paducah.  

One huge tip that I ignored this trip is to always carry all your charge cords in your carry on luggage!  I usually do, but not today, and both my work and personal phone chargers are in my checked luggage.  Fortunately a man in the club lent me his iPhone charger for a bit  – very thankful for that.

Not a whole lot of photos, but this has been my day so far.  

To be continued . . .

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