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Lunch at VIU Manent Winery in the Colchagua Valley

Continuing our Uncorked Wine Tour from the last post, we stopped for a late lunch and final tasting of the day at VIU Manent Winery.


The Winery is called Viu Manent, and is another family-owned Chilean winery.img_4395

We would also have lunch there in their on-site restaurant, Rayeula, followed by a tasting at the winery tasting room afterwords.  Here we are at the restaurant entrance sign.


img_4437-1Jose, (our Uncorked Tour Guide) had arranged the multi-course lunch for us ahead of time (knowing our preferences by now), and we were again delighted with his choice of selections.  Each course was served with one of their wines, which complimented the food as well as let us try new wines as we went.  For starters Steve (DOS) got a large shrimp appetizer, while I had the Chilean version of ‘pork belly’.  Jose had told us ahead of time how large the appetizers were, so we each shared a bit of the others.

img_4408 img_4409 img_4407For the main course, DOS had lamb chops, while I had steak.


img_4415 img_4421

We also have vegetables served family style, along with our wonderful red wines.


Dessert was a treat with a trio of gelatos, also going well with the red vino!




After the delicious (and filling!) lunch, we had our last tasting of the day in their separate tasting room.  img_4423 img_4448

VIU Manent Winery has three different levels or categories of wine as shown on their ‘our wines‘ section of their website.  Showing our ignorance of Chilean wine, we had always thought ‘Reserva’ was the best wine a winery offered, however it’s actually the lower to mid end of their wines.  Like Napa Valley, there is no regulation over calling a wine ‘Reserve’ or ‘Reserva’.  The Chilean top wines are their ‘Iconic’ wines, which we tried last after sampling several of the category 1 and 2 Reds, and even a rose.  Via Manent boast hearty red wines, and is particularly known for their Malbecs.  I made tasting notes as I tried each wine, as after a full day of tasting they tend to run together!  Plus, we wanted to remember which ones we liked when we checked out at the gift shop.


img_4456 img_4451

img_4453 img_4460


After tasting our seven wines, (and after a lunch with wines, and after stops at two morning wineries!) it was time to hit the winery gift shop and then head back to our hotel in the Culchogua Valley.  All made so much easier by having our tour guide and driver Jose!

img_4483 img_4474

In addition to the usual winery souvenirs we always get for family and friends, (winery labeled corkscrew etc), we bought some nice wines there as well.



We bought three bottles of their iconic wines there, including two bottles of VIU 1, and one of the Incidente.  The two VIU 1 wines each came in a nice wooden box, which Steve (DOS) is beginning to realize if you buy an iconic wine, you usually get a box with it, so he’s very pleased!


So now we just have to figure out how to get all of our heavy and fragile purchases home with us.  And we still have another day of touring yet to go!  Cheers to VIU Manent!



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