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Madeira Portugal ‘Ride Pics’

This is a continuation of the last post where I had several different amusement park rides and attraction photos I had purchased from various parks and attractions over the years.

I found these two photo packets tonight while going thru more photos from the closet.  These were from our south-bound Trans-Atlantic cruise on the Adventure of the Seas, from Malaga Spain to San Juan, in November 2012. That 15 night cruise stopped first in Madeira, Portugal, which is an island in the Atlantic Ocean, a couple hundred miles north of the Canary Islands. The island is very beautiful, and offers stunning views from the top of the mountains.  It’s also famous for Madeira wine, which are actually ‘port’ type wines, not the regular table-top varieties.

Here we did a couple of ‘rides’ which were ‘professionally photographed’, and of course we bought the photos with the nice photo jackets.  It’s amazing with the digital technology today how fast things happen; we had our photos taken going down the hill in one, and the other on the cable car, and both photos were ready and waiting for us at the end of the ‘ride’!

The first photo is somewhat of a tradition if you go to Madeira; i.e. a must-do. It’s the toboggan ride down the mountain.  Not for the faint of heart, but not too terrifying either, you sit on the toboggan seat, and are pushed, guided, and slided, all the way down the steep mountainside.  Complete with curves, and no brakes, the ‘tobagganiers’ manage to stop you at the bottom of the hill.  Quite original I must say, and if in Madeira  you have to do it!

And they give you really fancy photo jackets with your picture when you buy it, and it even comes with a music CD of some nice dancing music!



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The second photo shows a more relaxing and easier to do ride, (unless you’re scared of heights) as it’s a cable car ride.  Offering spectacular views over the city and port, it was quite enjoyable, and also came with a nice photo jacket and music CD (same one as the toboggan one). What an enjoyable day it was in Madeira and so glad we bought our photo souvenirs!


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