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Meet Lynne – former Flight Stewardess for United

As promised in my last post, I wanted to post about a  person I met today in the Lexington Airport.  Lexington Blue Grass airport is a great facility right in the middle of beautiful horse country.  You are surrounded by the beautiful countryside and white fences leaving the property and it’s a great airport to fly in and out of.  Today after returning my rental car and checking in for my US Airways flight I noticed they had an airport club and decided to stop by after seeing the Admirals Club logo on the door.  Lexington Airport has a great idea, and I’m really surprised other smaller airports haven’t done the same:  the airport supplies an club for Airline Club passengers to use; i.e. those passengers who have memberships in their own airline clubs such as American, Delta and United.  What a brilliant idea!

It was in the Club that I was welcomed in by Lynne, the concierge of the club. She explained that it used to be the observation area, so it was quite large and had outstanding views, complimentary soft drinks, snacks, magazines, wifi and comfortable seating.  My US Airways flight from Lexington to Charlotte was delayed by an hour (fortunately I had a long two hour connection back to Orlando), so I chatted with Lynne about travel, showing her some travel pics I have taken, stored on my MAC.

Lynne was a former United Airlines Stewardess (not Flight Attendant in those 1960s days) and was fascinating to talk with.  We immediately got along and shared stories with each other.  I asked if I could use her for this blog, and she supplied me this photocopy of a picture she had from her flying days. Stewardess Lynne photo3

I loved hearing her stories about the ‘Golden Age’ of travel – a truly bygone era.  She flew in the 1960’s on aircraft such as the DC6, DC7, DC8 and  was actually aboard the inaugural flight of the Boeing 727!  I used to fly on that plane a lot in the early 1980s and remember it for it’s long gentle take off  – a long plane with the three engines in the tail.  Steve DOS used to fly that in his early piloting days to the Caribbean.

Anyway, Lynne told of the requirements of the day the Stewardess’s had back then.  They had height and weight requirements, and had to be weighted regularly!  I asked her about the TV series PAN AM, and she said it was pretty accurate of the era, especially with the weigh-ins.   The Stewardess’s uniforms were made to fit them exactly, so they couldn’t gain any weight.  They had to be single, female, and had to retire at the age of 30!

She said they actually had some men-only flights where the businessmen would smoke cigars, and she would clip the ends of the cigar for them!  They had to wear their hats for Take off and Landing, as if there was an emergency, they were to follow the ‘Hat’ out the exit!

We both had such an interest in travel and my delay in the Club literally whizzed by thanks to Lynne.  I wish I had had more time to chat with her, but look forward to coming back to Lexington and seeing Lynne later this month when I’m back there on business.  Thanks Lynne for sharing your stories and pic with me!

I always enjoy speaking with Flight Attendants as they have so many interesting stories to tell. I told her she should write down some of her stories, and I hope she does.  I’d love to share them on this blog.  What a different time – passengers dressed for flights, meals were the norm, First Class was really First Class – no upgraded chumps like me.  LOL!

Thanks again Lynne!

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