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Memorable last US Airways flight!

It’s 3pm as I’m writing this aboard my very last US Airways flight from Phoenix to Orlando.  It’s my last US Airways flight, as in another week or so, US Airways will officially become fully merged with American Airlines.  I took this selfie before boarding of my last US Airways ticket, IMG_5932and a shot of a mural in the ticketing area showing the native cactus; formerly US Airway’s air traffic call sign. IMG_5769

As I was walking thru the terminal, I spotted a US Airways/American plane that was painted in retro-Piedmont Airlines colors.  I thought this was so cool I took a picture of it.  I started flying Piedmont (now US Airways, soon to be American) in 1986, so it always has a special place in my heart.  Many miles; many memories from the ‘good ole’ days of flying.  My first, First Class experience.  My first Trans-continental flight to LAX in the Boeing 767 with a First Class section of 2 x 1 x 2.  (now 2 x 2 x 2 is standard). Getting served real meals with a 1/2 bottle wine selection per passenger and red carnations before landing. Easy to redeem awards and bonus special tickets you could earn each year.  ‘Twas the glory days of the 80s for me!  Anyhow, I digress. . .IMG_5776



So far, this breakfast flight has been interesting.  I’m in First Class 2D Aisle, seated behind a trashy couple boozing it up with plenty of vodka, until they ran out and switched to rum.

I noticed shortly after I boarded and was seated there was a pair of sneakers that magically appeared in the under-seat space ahead of me!  IMG_5933Apparently the man in seat 1D thinks I won’t mind, and puts his shoes in my space!  And they stink too!  I took to Facebook with my concerns of airplane etiquette posing a few ‘what should I do questions’ as I wrote below:


Airplane etiquette question:

You’re seated in First Class 2D on a cross-country flight. Mr. Bulkhead Seat 1D decides to take off his smelly sneakers and sly place them under his seat, which is actually your space (from the seat in front of you, where you would store your laptop or other things such as stretching your feet out.). Would you:

A. Announce loudly to,the Flight Attendant someone must have left their shoes onboard from the last flight!

B. Put the shoes in the overhead compartment.
C. Deposit them in the trash bag when the FA comes down the aisle.
D. Put your socks in his shoes, thereby confusing him that he has the wrong pair of shoes?
E. Wrap them up with the airplane blanket with a note saying Merry Christmas.

Another four hours, so any suggestions would be appreciated.


It was quite humorous seeing the responses!  While I wanted to get a picture of the couple downing their vodkas with their feet (shoeless of course, I don’t know where she put her shoes) propped up on the bulkhead wall.  I did manage to get a shot of his white socks when he stood up to get his laptop from my overhead bin space.IMG_5935

 In the end I chose a hybrid of option E.  Somehow one of his shoes got tangled up in my blanket and had moved over a bit from the other shoe; hmmm I wonder how that happened.  I guess items do have a way of shifting during flight!

Anyway, made it to Orlando around 4:30pm and DOS was there waiting for me.  He had already checked us into the Orlando Airport Hyatt, which lately has been like a second home for us on Sunday evenings for my early Monday morning work flights.

After walking around the airport a few laps for exercise, I showered and changed for dinner.  We had a wonderful and leisurely dinner at Hemisphere’s on the 9th floor of the Hyatt.  Although we have been here for their breakfast buffet several times, we had not been to dinner here since it’s closed on Sunday nights when we’re usually staying overnight at the Hyatt.

We started with an appetizer each: DOS had fried calamari, while I had a unique mango shrimp on the skewer dish.  IMG_5786Overlooking the runway at Orlando International airport, Hemisphere’s offers spectacular views of the many planes taking off which we never tire of watching.  We counted FIVE Virgin Atlantic 747’s either at the gate or taking off, a Lufthansa 747, a couple British Airways 777s as well as a host of domestic flights. As our dinner was at 7:30pm, we had a nice sunset view, turning into darkness which provided a very elegant and picturesque setting.IMG_5782

For our entrees, we both had the Wagu Ribeyes, which were awesome!  Along with a jumbo backed potato with real bacon sliced into bits and fresh butter and sour cream, and paired with St. Francis Cabernet Sauvignon, it was a wonderful dinner.

IMG_5793 IMG_5794

Not to be outdone with the steaks, we did save room for a shared slice of Chocolate Lava Cake, and I had the coffee drink ‘A night in Florida’, which had Bailey’s, Kailua, Frangelica, and reminded me of the ‘Aspen’ coffees we get on Celebrity Cruises.  We had such outstanding service we wanted our waitress included in our selfie!


She told us about some of the special wine-themed dinners they have monthly, so we’re already planning a Friday night back at Hemisphere’s!

After our 2 1/2 hour dinner, we stopped for a nightcap in the lobby lounge.  As I was still on Pacific Time, I was wide awake at 9:30pm, but DOS was getting sleepy, so he headed up a bit before I did.  I took a couple pics overlooking the quiet airport lobby and Hyatt hotel.  IMG_5724 IMG_5803

Then it was off to bed for me, and a good night’s sleep.  Heading to Hawaii in the morning!

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