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Merry Christmas, from The Raffels Hospital Singapore!

Merry Christmas! It’s Christmas Day here in Singapore, and unfortunately, Steve DOS and I are celebrating it in the Raffles hospital. I’m way behind and posting and I intended to do so throughout the trip, however we had such a wonderful time as we were busy it seemed like always, and with so many photos we took, I finally gave up and decided to post when we got home.

Well, as Murphy’s Law would have it, we finished the 34 day cruise fine here in Singapore, however we both came down with Dengue Fever and are both hospitalized in the Raffles hospital! Raffles Hospital is only two blocks from the Andez by Hyatt hotel, where we are staying. Who knew after such a wonderful cruise we would end up hospitalized from it! We believe we must’ve caught it in Cohin India or possibly Oman, but in Cochin India we were on a houseboat, so that seems more likely, as it went through the jungles. We have had the yellow fever vaccine but apparently there’s not one available for people over 40 for the dengue fever, and the doctor here says it’s quite common in many places in Asia, including here in Singapore. We don’t recall getting any mosquito bites along the way, but with the incubation period of a few days, Cochin, India works fairly well into the timeline. It’s a bit worse for me due to the heart surgery I had last year but DOS and I should be ok in a few days.

I’m writing this post with only one arm since the other is hooked up in an IV so sorry for any typos. For now, it was so nice meeting everyone on the Seabourn Encore and hope everyone had a safe journey home or wherever you are now for Christmas. For those still on board including staff, crew, the entertainment staff et. al., safe and happy continued travels. (And use some bug spray!)?

I have lots more photos and videos to upload, (including some pics and videos of a couple shows) which I will do as is I get better. We are scheduled to fly home on 28 December, however, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Meanwhile, Steve DOS and I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas filled with Peace, Love, Joy, and Laughter. God bless!

P.S. here’s one of my favorite Christmas songs performed by the Casting Crowns and is applicable throughout the year, but especially today as I write this. 

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, from The Raffels Hospital Singapore!

  1. Hans & Wolfgang

    Hi Guys, it has taken me some time to read the blog of your experiences after our cruise. We’ve been quite busy but will go to Cape Town tonight and will contact you from there. Good to see that the trip in SIN came to a good end and I’m sure you both are fine now.
    Sending hugs ??Hans & Wolfgang

    1. Steve Uno Post author

      Hi Hans nd Wolgang! It was so nice to meet you on the Seabourn Cruise. Yes, our Singapore ending up with the Dengue Plaque was not ideal, but we got thru it and are home now. Enjoy your trip to Capetown! We will catch up soon! All the best, Steve

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