The Traveling Steve's

My typical week begins.

While Steve Uno is working very hard traveling Monday to Friday for work, my week is much more routine. Steve DOS
We wake up early on Monday morning and head for the Orlando Airport, where I drop Steve off for his flight, wherever he is going that week. Today was Pittsburgh, PA. Once Steve is on his way to the ticket counter, I continue away from the airport and head toward Sarasota, Florida. I have a house in Sarasota, which up until my retirement spent very little time in, as between working and being with Steve in Orlando, I slept there only one night per week. I have my father living in my Sarasota house with a nurse there to take care of him.

My father is 94 years old, unable to walk, but gets around in his wheelchair very well. He has a nice garden out by the pool and enjoys spending a lot of time with his plants. I have great neighbors that keep my father busy and involved in the community. Now that I’m retired I’m able to spend several days a week with him. We go out to lunch, go to the local gardens, the parks, museums and the beach. While my father is 94, his mind is ALL there…and more. He is interested in so many things and is never bored.

While my week may vary slightly, depending on where and what we do each day, I’m here in Sarasota during the midweek period enjoying life. On Friday, I leave Sarasota and drive back to Orlando where I pick Steve up at the Airport and our weekend of fun begins. Yes, it is a wonderful life!

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