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Our Stay at 21 Roux Street in Franschhoek, South Africa

We are now staying our last of five nights at 21 Roux Street, a luxury Bed and Breakfast home in beautiful Franschhoek, South Africa.  Franschhoek is a short hour’s drive from Capetown, but a world away with it’s quaint shops, restaurants, and small town, friendly feel.

We will be checking out in the morning, and heading back to Cape Town, before our flight the following day, but I wanted to do a post just on this incredible property and experience we’ve had here.  In my last post we were checking in, and heading out to dinner, so I didn’t have the daylight or time to take some good photos. As we’ve been quite busy since we’ve stayed here, and the internet has not been rather slow (due to the rainy season weather), I haven’t had a chance to post much.  Simply put, however, 21 Roux Street B & B Guesthouse is like a Castle!  

From the contemporary design of the house itself, to the views of the mountains, to the antique furnishings, paintings, gardens, fountains, and pool it has offered a wonderful, unique and luxury stay for our visit here in Franschhoek.  The owners Peter and Bradley are terrific hosts, and the staff they hire from breakfast to housekeeping to grounds and pool maintenance are top notch. Here are a few photos from the house and grounds, including one of Steve (DOS) and myself, with Bradley and Peter.

I asked Peter if we could have a look at a couple of the other rooms they rent out, so we could see if there was one that was our favorite.  While our Garden Suite was the largest, I actually liked the Pool View room, as it had a balcony overlooking the pool, and another balcony on the opposite side of the room looking out to the beautiful garden area.  It also had a tub (as opposed to shower only) and King Sized bed, although it didn’t have the large living room suite area that ours did this stay.

We especially enjoyed having breakfast in the morning, being served by Ester, who was such a gracious server, presenting a fancy plate of fruit each morning, and then taking our full breakfast order for whatever we liked: Eggs, toast and bacon for DOS, and Bacon and Toast for me, along with one of 8 different fresh jams.  Here are some breakfast photos, as well as one with ourselves and Ester.

For our touring and transportation needs, Peter and Bradley referred us to f J.J., who has his own chaperone company, and works exclusively for 21 Roux Street.  While we knew we wanted to tour wineries and such before we came to Franschhoek, we really had no idea where to start as there are so many here.  J.J. took us on a a daily full day tour, and also chauffeured us to dinner each evening.  Here is a  photo of us and J.J. below, and one of DOS and J.J. by his luxury Mercedes Benz which he toured us around in all week.

As we have to finish packing for our trip back to Cape Town tomorrow, I will end this post for now, and continue on in the next post with some of the fun things we did this week and the restaurants we went to around Franschhoek.

We’ve had such a wonderful time here at 21 Roux Street, and being toured around with J.J., we are already looking forward to coming back!



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