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Overnight layover in Phoenix

IMG_5726One of the best views of Spokane is from the airport lounge waiting to leave.  Wow, that doesn’t sound very nice, but Spokane just doesn’t do it for me.  I was here for only 3 days, but it’s not the kind of city I would want to live in.  I can’t explain it exactly, but it just feels like a northern, industrial East Coast city with no personality.  It just didn’t have ‘character’ of so many western towns which are more modern and designed well; just seems like everything was thrown spitter-spat and wasn’t a clean city either.  It also didn’t seem to have the friendliest people I’ve met.  Anyway, fortunately my work was quick and on Thursday I finished up half a day and headed for the Spokane airport.  As US Airways only had two flights a day, I couldn’t get an earlier flight than my 3;10pm nonstop to Phoenix.

My flight to Phoenix was about 2 1/2 hours and actually had a meal, although not exactly the best First Class dinner I’ve ever had. IMG_5917 I was in row 2 (of 3) and when they got to me there was only one meat entree left, which my seat-mate in 2F got.  I ended up with the manicotti, which being a high-carb dish would not have been my first choice.  After looking at the minuscule  piece of meat my seat-mate had (literally the size of my thumb, but also had ‘lobster mac and cheese’, he said I must have gotten the better deal with a salad and manicotti.  And paired with some cheap red wine, it was ok for being free, but not a fine-dining First Class meal that’s for sure.  US Airways, soon to be American, has already made changes to the meal service and not for the better unfortunately.

Anyway, I landed in Phoenix and gathered my luggage and took the airport shuttle to the Hilton Phoenix Airport where I stayed for the night. IMG_5765 IMG_5768 I really like this airport, and DOS and I stayed here recently when we had to overnight here due to a missed connection in Phoenix on our way to Napa.  The rooms have balconies overlooking the courtyard and palm trees which is nice. IMG_4645I stopped briefly by the Concierge Lounge before it closed for a quick brewski, and then went to the restaurant downstairs for dinner and another brewski, starting my vacation early.



I am flying home in the morning to Orlando, but then DOS and I are flying to Hawaii on Saturday.

As I had an 8:55am flight in the morning, I went to bed by 10pm, excited and ready to fly home, to only fly back west for vacation.

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