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Packing up a new bag

Now just getting ready for my first business trip of the year tomorrow to Pittsburgh, PA.  Lovely time of the year to be there – the high tomorrow will be 25 degrees!  Later in the week the highs will be in the teens!  BRRRRRHHH – I can feel it already.  I’m adding a weather widget to this page now: one for Orlando so I can feel kind of home, and the other for the city I’ll be in that week for comparison. Maybe I’ll just start a menu later of the cities visited this year; who knows; I’m new to this blogging thing and trying things out.

As I write this, I’m sitting comfortably by the pool in shorts and a Tshirt enjoying the warm weather.  It’s supposed to cool off in Florida this week too, but nothing like up north.IMG_1579


Old 25 inch bag on left replaced by new 24 inch bag on right. We’ll see how long it lasts!

Although I had already packed for Pittsburgh before I went away for Christmas, as DOS got me a new set of luggage, I re-packed using one of the newer bags he gave me (set of 3).  I go thru a set of luggage a year on average – I don’t care how long the warranty is, what brand – even TravelPro and Delsi just are no match for 150 flights a year with baggage handlers in a hurry.  The bag on the left actually made it a couple years and I was really used to it, although it had started to tear in the back with a hole in it.  The brown bag had been on many a business trip including the UK, and I still had my Virgin Upper Class tag on it.

Now off with this new set of Samsonite with a 10 year warranty.  We’ll see. Flight leaves at 8:45am to CLT then to PIT.  Another biz year of travel begins – Zero YTD qualifying miles – Zero Segments.  It’s going to be a long and fun year!

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