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Pisco Sours and Sail-away!

We had a short stop at Pisco, Peru from 7am – 2pm.  We were originally scheduled to go to Lima, Peru, but due to construction at the pier, this was a rescheduled stop.  Celebrity had contacted us prior to the cruise and offered us a $200 credit for the inconvenience.  As we had been to Lima on the Infinity cruise in 2009, this was great for us as we went to a new stop we haven’t been before, plus received some free on-board credit.

The small town of Pisco is known for its’ Pisco Sour drink.  We had tried this earlier on the beach stop on the way from Santiago to Valparaiso, and I didn’t care for it as it was super sour, at least the mango one I had tried.  We had to take a shuttle bus to get to town, and it was still several miles away to Pisco.  We opted to stay at the small beachside town of Paragas, which was quite rustic. 60 It reminded me of old Cozumel before it became established like today.66 64

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While we didn’t have any Pisco Sours, we did do a bit of souvenir shopping.  DOS bought a beautiful rug made with the Llama-like fur. 62 We also bought a couple wide-brimmed, floppy hats that said Peru on them; mine tan and DOS’s blue. 73And two beautiful watercolor paintings from the man shown here. 63

After we went back, we had a small sail-away party of our new-found friends and tour-bus mates in our cabin and on deck.  We had about 25 people or so, and it was a lot of fun.  Our Butler, Ram, set up some platters of crackers and cheese, chips, and mixed bar snacks.  We had several bottles of wine we had brought aboard in Chile, and quite a few people brought some as well.  We also had some beers in the fridge, and vodka supplied by Celebrity, but no one indulged in the latter.

I had set up a slide show of the pics so far on the trip, and left that playing in the background.  We invited everyone back for the Panama Canal day, which should be a highlight of the trip.

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