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Post Super Bowl blues (i.e. Monday morning)

Took an 8:45am USAirways Boeing 767 flight this morning from Orlando to Charlotte/connecting to Lexington, Kentucky.  Had a nice business class aisle seat in 3B, in this international seating configuration, which I took advantage of the angled near flat seat to catch up on my missed sleep from last night’s Superbowl.  We had a great time at our neighbors Kenny and Mary last night, and watched the close game to the end, which the Patriot’s won.  While we were rooting for Seattle, by losing, we actually won the 4th quarter FootBall pool!  Yea!  IMG_2374



Here is Steve with the 2nd AND 3rd quarter winner Jessie.  All smiles there!




Also had to include this half-time picture I took of the TV we were watching; not real good quality but it gives a snap-shot of the face-paced and energetic show.IMG_2369

And not to be outdone, here’s me  with a pic of the neighbors puppy, Charlie!  What a great dog!  I would love to have a dog of our own, but we travel to much so that wouldn’t be fair.   So visiting the neighborhood pooches is the next  best thing – definitely man’s best friend!


Now I’m relaxing in my Hampton Inn room, in the Kentucky countryside half an hour from Lexington.  Oh, I guess I need to add another weather screen for Lexington.  Yes, it’s COLD here, but fortunately only had snow flurries today, and no accumulation.

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