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Postcard from Easter Island!

If you’ve been reading the blog at all, you know we took a trip to Easter Island over the July4th holidays.  Although we normally don’t send postcards anymore, we couldn’t resist sending one (actually 10!) from Easter Island.  All but one were to friends and family, but yes, we did send one to ourselves.  We were curious how long it would take to get to Florida, as well as some of the other places we sent them to including Australia, Arizona, Virginia, and Maryland.

Well, we got our postcard on Saturday, July 30th, which only took 4 weeks or so, as we mailed it the day we left on July 4th.  Funny enough, my neighbors, fellow Florida and Arizona friends, and my parents in Virginia all got the cards within a day of ours!  Still waiting to hear from my friends in Oz if they got theirs.


We had such a good trip to Easter Island, and this was a nice self-souvenir of our trip.  I still have to update the gallery and finish a couple days blog on that trip, but for now it was amazing to get a postcard from half way around the world, for the bargain postage price of a buck!

Saturday night we had dinner with our neighbors. There were the 10 of us (5 couples) and we had a great time catching up with everyone.  Each couple brought a different dish, from appetizer to dessert, with the host couple providing the main dish; in this case grilled salmon.

IMG_2289  IMG_2291IMG_2294 (1)

DOS and I were pressed for time having been out of town, so we picked up several cheeses, crackers, berries, and pepperonies and laid out an appetizer assortment.


We had been doing theme dinners every other month with one family hosting on an alternate basis, but lately it’s been quite hectic for everyone, so it was good to get together again, as well as be home, shown here after we got back at 11:00pm.


I’ve been traveling every week for work, and will be for the next month, so when I’m home I really enjoy being ‘at home’ or at least in my neighborhood with friends.  After we walked home, we relaxed a bit by the pool, and had a refreshing midnight dip in the lukewarm summer water.

IMG_9033Home cooked food, good neighbors, and late night swim in your lighted pool – priceless!

P.S.  (And yes that’s a lit snowman and Christmas wreath, with Halloween lights – as well as palm tree and castle – it’s holidays year-round at The Steve’s!)

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