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Pre-Christmas Recovery 2022

It’s now Thursday, December 22nd as I write this, and I’m doing much better since I last wrote. I am writing this from the passenger seat while Steve (DOS) is driving us on our first pre-hospital getaway since our two month stay in Seattle.

We are heading to Jekyll Island for five nights for the Christmas holidays, in what should be a welcoming back and relatively easy transition back to travel, as Jekyll Island is only a three our drive from Orlando.

Unlike other trips to Jekyll Island, it will be very cold this year, as an Arctic cold front moves in all along the east coast, with even Orlando dipping down into freezing temperatures on Christas Day! BRRRR! But no problem, since we’re traveling by car, we brought plenty of warm clothes, jackets, hats, etc! We will be staying at the Westin Jekyll Island Resort Oceanfront again, although we won’t be spending much time on the beach this trip due to the cold weather!

Anyway, as far as an update, DOS and I have enjoyed being home for the last month while I’ve slowly built my strength back up, as well as relaxing and catching up on some rest. I still have a hard time sleeping at night, but I take naps as needed in the afternoon to compensate for any lost sleep. I’m still not driving, and don’t anticipate driving anytime soon; mostly due to my concentration, energy levels and reflexes, but DOS being his wonderful self is an awesome chauffeur! We have been taking daily walks either around the neighborhood or sometimes in the nearby mall. We’ve admired our neighbor’s Christmas decorations and also enjoyed chatting with the neighbors we saw as we walked.

One of the nice things about walking in the mall is also viewing the Christmas decorations throughout, and walking during the weekdays especially it’s not very crowded making walking an easy and fun activity.

I’m up to walking a mile and a quarter, which is a HUGE improvement, from even when we got home from Seattle. DOS keeps telling me how much I’ve improved, and looking back at some of the hospital photos, I really have improved! Here are some pics we took while walking around the mall.

We got our Christmas cards done early this year, as in the first week of December. Once again we used Walgreens for our photo cards, which not only does a great job, and normally has “same day”, (and sometimes ready in an hour service), and the cards and other items such as photo books are highly customizable.

I don’t normally include a newsletter with the cards, preferring to hand-write a note on each card, but this year I’m not up to doing that energy wise, not to mention my hand-writing is not not that good. Since the heart surgery in late September, I still have numbness in two fingers on my left hand, and even though I’m right-handed, it makes it harder to do some things such as typing as well. DOS and I set up shop in the dining room for an assembly-line type method of stuffing the cards with the folded newsletter, and attaching the address and return address labels DOS had printed.

The next day, we made a “road trip” of a few miles to nearby Christmas, Florida, where we went to the tiny Post Office there so our cards would be postmarked from Christmas.

While there, we also additionally stamped the envelopes with special Christmas stamps the Post Office supplied us. It was really fun stamping each card with the different stamp icons, and colors, which we used primarily red and green.

In the evenings we’ve been watching a Hallmark Christmas movie each night, while having dinner DOS has prepared. I’m on a sodium restricted diet now, and do have to be very careful what I eat as well due to the Coumadin drug restrictions and interactions. We’ve only been out to eat one time since we’ve been back home, and that was when my sister and her boss were down in Florida for a cruise ‘work’ trip. We got to see her after their cruise, as she stopped by the house, and we went out to lunch, prior to her heading to the airport for her trip home.

Now we’re still rolling along in the car towards Jekyll Island, and just stopped at the Georgia Welcome Center so I’ll sign off for now. I’ll write more from Jekyll as time allows. The pre-Christmas traffic has been heavy, but it’s been nice listening to Christmas music on the radio along the way. We should be to Jekyll in about an hour, a bit before 2pm.

Merry Christmas everyone, and may God Bless you this joyous season and always!

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