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Quick trip to Houston

I’m writing this in the Houston International Airport (IAH), and waiting for my 2:50pm flight home to Orlando.   I was supposed to be flying from here (IAH) today (Wednesday) to Cleveland, but I had a last minute cancelation for that two day trip, so I’m flying home a couple days earlier; no complaints here!

I had a good and quick couple days in Houston for meetings, and while I didn’t do any evening activities other than eat, I did get some of my Christmas cards done.   I flew up Monday on United, and upgraded my flight to the 757-s First Class, which was configured in their international Polaris configuration, with the full lie flat seats.  While it was nice, I really wasn’t that impressed with it as even with the lie flat bed it felt cramped with 2 by 2 seating, without direct aisle access.  I know, it was only a 2 1/2 hour flight, but I switched to the window to accommodate a family traveling together, and hate to be ‘trapped’ by the window, especially as on these seats the middle arm rest protrudes out a fair bit making it more difficult to get up and out of your seat.  I much prefer American Airlines configurations in the 1 X 2 X 1 configuration on wide-body planes, but even on their 757 their lie flat seats are more open and much more spacious.  For two hours, it’s no big deal, but I wouldn’t want these United seats on a 12 or even 8 hour flight overseas. 

Anyway, once I got to IAH, I noticed crowds of people in the terminal gathered around the TVs in the lounges and waiting areas, watching the live-televised proceedings of George Bush Senior’s pre-funeral proceedings. IAH Airport is so named after him – George Bush Intercontinental Airport, so it was a special time to be flying thru here, and staying in Houston where the radio and TV coverage offered good local as well as nationwide coverage of his former home city.

Former President Bush (son) honoring his Father George H.W. Bush as seen on TV at IAH
Arrival at Bush Intercontinental Airport

Now it’s 1:20pm, and I’m heading to the gate soon.  I took a few photos of the various Christmas trees in the airport here, and also when I left from Orlando on Monday.

United Christmas tree in Orlando Airport – United Gate area

Gingerbread house at MCO Airport United Gate
IAH Airport Houston Christmas balloon decorations
Houston Intercontinental Airport decorations

This weekend Steve (DOS) and I are meeting my brother Andy and his partner Art in Florida for a nice dinner at Bern’s, followed by a weekend at Jekyll Island, which has become a yearly tradition.  I was going to meet them at Jekyll as I was supposed to be gone all week, but it’s nice getting in early and being able to go to Bern’s with them, which will be a post in itself. 

So prayers for the Bush family as they say goodbye to their Father.  Now he is at peace with Barbara once again.  

Next stop for me is Orlando.  Flying back on a brand new Boeing 737 Max, Row 1 Aisle, again upgraded to First Class.

Oh, and I left out my stop on the way to the airport – a truly Texas thing – Whataburger!

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