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Quick week in South Carolina

After getting back from vacation in Hawaii, I had a long weekend at home in Orlando to catch up on the time change, laundry, and get ready to go again on a business trip on Monday.

This week was actually quick and not at all hectic.  I didn’t take many photos as I didn’t do much other than work, but that makes for a good uneventful week.  DOS dropped me off at Orlando Airport on Monday morning, and I flew on American Airlines to Charlotte, connecting to Columbia, South Carolina.  This trip I got upgraded to First on all four flights (two up and two back).

When I got to Columbia, I had an hour drive to Sumter, South Carolina, and rented a car from National Car Rental. I got a brand-spakin’ new car, a Nissan, that had a whopping seven miles on it!  IMG_8277It had all the bells and whistles, and as it was new it still had the free one month subscription of XM Satellite radio on which I like.  As always, when I get my rental car, I pair my phone to the bluetooth in the car so I can talk handsfree.

I stayed at the Hampton Inn in Sumpter, SC, which was very nice for a Hampton. Here’s a few a couple photos of the room and pool view out my window.

IMG_8285 IMG_8282 IMG_8278 I chatted with the lady at the front desk, and she was so excited to be going to Orlando next week, and I gave her a couple of “Steve’s Disney tips” as well as a couple beach tips, as she is doing a side trip to the beaches.

While I was in Sumter, it was so hot (nearly 100 degrees) that it wasn’t comfortable to walk around for exercise in the evening.  I did go out on Wednesday night and walked to the nearby Outback and had a nice meal. I love Outback and while we normally go on weekends, they have a great price fix special on Wednesday nights for $19.99, including Prime rib, potato, salad, and dessert – quite a bargain!


On Thursday afternoon I drove back to Columbia airport.  As my flight wasn’t until 2:30pm, I had some time to relax in the airport.  This was my first time in Columbia airport, and it was quite nice and modern.  IMG_8293 IMG_8296I love smaller airports in general, and this was really a nice airport to spend time in, with a food court, wifi, plenty of seating, and best of all rocking chairs with a window view!  I love rocking chairs and it’s one of those little pleasures I miss while traveling – it really helps me relax!

IMG_8302 IMG_8300 IMG_8301

I then flew back to Orlando, and as DOS wasn’t there to pick me up (he comes on Friday’s) I took a cab home, arriving by 7pm.

I was home only overnight though, as we are going away once again for the weekend; this time to Miami and San Juan.    Welcome Home!  (Briefly!)

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