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River Cruises

River Cruises

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Exponentially growing in popularity, river cruises offer a luxurious travel experience with typically only 160 passengers or so.


Quite different (but in a good way) from traditional ocean cruises, River Cruises offer a more intimate environment,
and an enjoyable way of meeting people, seeing quaint ports, as well as viewing ever-changing scenery on the way.
The meals are freshly made using locally bought ingredients, and served with complimentary regional wines. The single-seating dining and local entertainment after dinner is a highlight of the day after touring on the varied (and included) tours offered.


Choose one of the following river cruise itineraries:


France Provence cruise

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Germany to Budapest cruise




Vietnam/Cambodia cruise

(Coming soon – February 2016)



2 thoughts on “River Cruises

  1. Hosting

    Your comments are another example of the honest and professional person you are and why you are so highly respected in the travel world. Thanks for your thoughtful insight and for showing that cruisers and be travelers, too. Will you ever try a river cruise in Europe?

    1. Steve Uno Post author

      Thank you for your comments. Yes, we’ve actually done two river cruises in Europe; the first was from Vilshefon Germany to Budapest, and the second was from Lyon, France to Arles, France (ending with a bus transfer to Barcelona). We have taken AMA Waterways each time, and highly recommend them for their all inclusiveness, service, reliability and quality. We are taking them once again next May 2017 as part of an African safari cruise and tour.

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