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Saturday shipments from Chile and Hilton

It’s Saturday morning, and I just opened a couple packages I received this week yet haven’t had time to open. I worked in Dallas last weekend, and flew back on a scary flight Monday night; scary because of the storms in the Orlando area. IMG_3288 I fly almost every week, but I must say the flight on American from DFW to MCO was quite frightening.  The Pilot informed us we were in a holding pattern due to the storm, and we circled and circled around the Ocala area – I could tell from all the horse tracks down there.  As we got closer to MCO airport it seemed the plane would ‘drop’ when we hit a severe and angry looking cloud bank.  I took a couple photos, and emailed Steve to check the weather in MCO, as well as said a couple prayers.IMG_3272IMG_3292

Fortunately we landed ok, but the Pilot said we were almost diverted to Tampa due to the weather.  Once we landed, however, the 15 minute wait began: there was lightning in the area, and the ramp is closed once that happens so we couldn’t park at the gate.  Everytime there is lightning, the 15 minute clock starts again.  We waited for perhaps half an hour to park, and once at the gate, had additional waits for the luggage.  I made the wise decision to drive home, and as it was lightning the whole way home, and know I would have been waiting hours for my luggage.  I went back the next day and picked up luggage, with no wait.  That’s one thing about flying into MCO late in the day, especially in the summer months – you have much more chance of weather delays as we typically get storms every afternoon in late June, July and August.  While it’s only April, we can still get some nasty afternoon storms.

Anyway, my two packages: we just received our case shipment of wine from Chile we ordered from the vineyard a month or so ago,IMG_3328 IMG_3325undamaged, and ready to drink or store for later.




We really enjoyed going to this vineyard: Loma Larga Vineyards in the Casablanca region of Chile, between Valparaiso and Santiago. DSC01344 DSC01341 DSC01336 DSC01335 DSC01319

Now we will have to have a South American tasting sometime soon for friends and neighbors!

The other package I got was from Hilton, and it was a very nice set of noise-canceling headphones, along with a $100 gift certificate to Bloomingdales! IMG_3332 This was courtesy of earning Lifetime Diamond status with Hilton earlier this year.  To earn Lifetime status at Hilton, you have to have had Diamond status (60+ nights a year) for at least 10 years, and have paid stays of 1,000 nights.  I actually have been diamond for 14 years, and have over 1,400 paid nights, so that was a nice reward for loyalty. IMG_3335I’m looking forward to use the headsets when I fly out to Idaho on Monday.

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