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SIIDA Museum – Inari, Finland

After lunch at our resort, the Wilderness Hotel Inari, we visited the SIIDA National Museum of the Finish SAMI culture and heritage as our second activity in Inari, Finland. The museum was outstanding and very interesting. The museum itself was a very contemporary and modern facility, which in itself seemed at odds with this rustic area of Lapland.

The multi-level museum housed countless artifacts and displays of the SAMI people in an orderly timeline fashion. The huge main room was surrounded on the outside by floor to ceiling photo murals depicting the individual month of the year. For each month, it also showed the typical temperature ranges as well as the hours of sunlight. As winter lasts some seven months, it was amazing to see how colorful and the variety of flowers and plants in the non-winter months.

The museum also housed numerous photos taken by local photographers of the scenic beauty of the area, including the northern lights phenomena.

There was also a short video on the mysterious Northern Lights in the theater there. There was no dialogue in the movie, (most likely due to the man different nationalities and languages spoken), but the scenery was set to some mystical type music.

Attached is a gallery of the SIIDA museum. Enjoy!