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Snowmobiling in Lapland!

This was the second of our three daily activities we did each day during our stay at the Wilderness Lodge in Inari, Finland (Lapland). In my last post we had done the morning Huskie Dogsledding adventure, and we knew anything else would be hard to top!

Morning Huskie Sledding Adventure

While we did enjoy the Huskie adventure the most, we also loved going on our two hour snow-mobile adventure. Of the two, this was a bit more dangerous, and you had to sign a waiver saying you were responsible for the first 1000 Euros in damage. Let’s be careful then, we’re thinking, for more reasons than one! I had visions of one or both of us falling off the snowmobile or crashing into a tree, another vehicle or even falling thru the ice. Fortunately none of the above occurred, and we had a really ‘cool’ time! The only thing I didn’t like was wearing the helmet as it did obstruct your side vision, and it was also fog up a bit in the sub-zero weather.

All dressed up for our snowmobiling adventure!

On the snowmobiling run, we also split up the driving/passenger duties, and I started out as the driver, after some quick training from our guide. One person drives, and the other person sits behind him. As with skiing, there is a strap you to attach to your clothes that will stop the snowmobile should you be ejected; very comforting thought. Again, we didn’t have to find out the hard way, and once I got started, I quickly replaced the fear of the ride with fun!

Just like on the morning Huskie Adventure, we started off on the frozen Lake Inari, and drove across the frozen lake for miles. We made an occasional stop to make sure the other five snowmobiles were still in line behind each other, and none of us had any difficulties with the ride. After an hour or so, we stopped for a bit of a break and enjoyed the scenery and had a drink of warm berry juice, while we chatted with our fellow snowmobilers.

Once we were underway again, DOS took over driving, and this time on the way back we trekked thru the secluded wilderness; ‘off roading’ if you will. Compared to the open lake, this was a bit more difficult as the paths were narrow, and at one point we went right by a small stream, so I was glad DOS was driving. We did lose one of the snowmobile couples on this leg of the trip, although fortunately the two sisters from Germany reappeared a half hour later after our guide left us sitting, while he went and searched for them. Being out in the wild, wild, wilderness we didn’t see them anywhere, although we did see an occasional reindeer.

Reindeer in the wild wilderness encountered on our skimobiles.

Fortunately the sisters were ok; they didn’t crash, yet stalled a bit in the snow, and couldn’t get out of the snow drift. Our guide helped them out, and they had a good welcome back reunion to our group, safe and sound. As the sun starts to set around 2:30pm this time of year, everyone was starting to get a bit worried. Fortunately all ended well for everyone. Here below is DOS with the two sisters at the start of the snowmobiling adventure, with all of us in our ‘space suits’ and helmets and orange gloves.

We then headed back to the lodge, this time once again over Lake Inari, making it back slightly late around 4:30pm, and it was almost dark by then. The snowmobiling was quite a thrill, and while they had longer tours, the two hours we did was just right.

Back at the main lodge we changed out of our space suits, and then headed back to our cabin, glad that we hadn’t crashed the snowmobile or worse yet fallen off!

Walking back to the main lodge after our snowmobiling adventure.

We had time for an in-room fire, shower, and while didn’t use the in-room sauna, it was a perfect place to dry our gloves, scarf, socks etc.

There aren’t many photos of the actual ride due to holding on (for dear life! LOL!) and needing our gloves on, not to mention we were going fast, but here is the full gallery of our snowmobiling adventure.

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