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Spring cleaning turns up T-shirts!

I was supposed to go to Dallas this weekend for work, but fortunately the project was postponed due to weather.  I have been traveling every week this year for work and things tend to pile-up at home as I’m gone so much.  I decided to do some early Spring cleaning, as we are leaving for our South America cruise on Celebrity in 10 days and I don’t want to come home to a mess.

Starting with the master closet in the bedroom seemed like a good place to begin, as it had gotten so full, I couldn’t even close the door! I spent the entire day meticulously going thru everything in the closet and was astonished how much stuff could actually fit in there!  I not only cleaned up, but packed a sizable donation to Goodwill as I cleaned the closet out.  While it’s nearly 11pm and I’m not done, I did fill up 6 old suitcases of clothes, household items etc which I’ll drop off at Goodwill tomorrow.  Steve had just bought me two new sets of luggage as I typically go thru at least a set or two a year, and I was glad to clear out the closet with the old suitcases.  The upside to all of this is in addition to a clean closet and bedroom, I found some travel memorabilia, photos and T-shirts from days gone by.

I’m a pack rat, and tend to save everything ‘just in case’.  Terrible habit I know, but I’m actually glad I saved so many of my travel mementos.  I found an old Piedmont Airlines First Class menu, and Eastern Airlines service brochure, loads of cruise ship daily newspapers, photos, and yes T-shirts.  I used to collect T-shirts everywhere I went and boy does it show in my closet!  I don’t know what I was thinking I would do with all these old T-shirts I can no longer fit into; perhaps one day I could have a quilt made out of them!  Yea right; anyway some are too nostalgic to get rid of, but most are being sent to Goodwill in the morning.  I had to take a few photos of these T-shirts as I packed them up – such good memories they brought back over the years; especially from these, my early days of travel.

So here’s some of my old T-shirt collection. I have another suitcase of T-shirts in the storage bin I’l have to go thru later; but for now here goes:

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