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Stockings for our Soldiers

Sunday morning, DOS and I arrived at Church at 9am to assist with the stockings our Church was sending to our troops overseas. Several ladies from the Methodist Church had painstakingly cut thru the camouflage material to hand craft individual stockings – over 900 of them! They were so perfectly crafted I thought they were store bought; only to find out later that they were hand made!IMG_7513

The Church had recruited volunteers to help fill the stocking with all sorts of goodies such as candy, cookies, snacks, personal hygiene articles etc, and the setup was an assembly-line style that made it very easy to do so. We jumped right into our tasks, each of us taking two stockings at a time, and going down the two lines filling each stocking up with goodies as we went, ending each with a Church pen and Christmas message.IMG_7514

It was quite a nice, but also sad feeling knowing that these stockings were going overseas to these unknown heroes who would not be home for Christmas, and literally are putting their lives in harms way so we may live in Freedom. This was especially more poignant after Friday night’s terrorist attack in Paris; really puts things in life in perspective. I said a silent prayer for each soldier as I went thru the line, and repeated this many times as we circled thru the lines again and again.IMG_7515

The goal was to send 800 stockings abroad, but in the end there were over 920 sent. As the shipping charges are obviously very high, we made a donation to the Military Support Group as well.  We chatted with the various volunteers as we went about filling the stockings, including some military folks in their uniforms.  It was a nice way to start the season by sharing our time, thoughts and prayers with the unseen heroes of the world.  Merry Christmas in advance!

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