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Sunday night ‘blues’, but I just got a new Apple watch!

It’s Sunday night, and I’ve got the ‘blues’ in anticipation on my trip to Memphis in the morning.  No, I’m not depressed, I just figured I’m going to the ‘Blues’ capital so I could say that. I’ve been there several times on business, and always enjoy the music, art, and ambiance of the ‘blues city’.  Here’s a couple pics from recent previous trips, including the Peabody Hotel and the famous ‘Duck Master’.  img_2014 img_2199 img_2013

This week I’m traveling Monday thru Wednesday, with an all day meeting in Memphis on Tuesday, so it should be a fairly quick week.  I’ll be home on Wednesday night and Thursday, and then on Friday DOS and I are flying to Kauai for a quick week’s holiday.

We had a fun weekend and added a couple new gadgets to our collection.  We got our new Apple watch, which was surprisingly really cool and useful! img_0168 I say surprisingly because I figured it was just a high-priced gimmick, but it’s actually quite impressive.  When we went to the Apple store a couple weeks ago on the day of the iPhone 7 launch, they did not have any of the new Apple series two watches available, so we ordered these online.  We had Fitbit Surge watches, but this Apple watch blows the Fitbit away!  I give Apple much credit for their ease of accessability  with your other Apple devices and apps – it’s really amazing to have everything literally at your fingertips; or at least on your wrist.  I opted for the Mickey Mouse display for my watch, and love it! img_0184 In addition to showing the time, a press of the button gets a friendly Mickey greeting with the time: Good morning, it’s 10:05am!  It also has all of the apps, ie. email, texting etc, and is surprisingly easy to use, although it’s definitely much smaller than an iPhone, yet is still fairly easy to navigate.

Tonight we’re staying at the Orlando Airport Hyatt once again, with our favorite 10th floor runway view room.   img_0182

After settling in, we walked around the airport for a couple miles to get exercise and test-drive our new watches.  Compared to the Fitbit, I love the feel of the Apple watch; while about the same size as the Fitbit Surge, unlike the Surge, the Apple band is much more comfortable as well as interchangeable.  The Surge watch band is NOT changeable, and I never found it particularly comfortable.  DOS had his Surge watch replaced three times due to defects, and the last time they wouldn’t replace it; not very good customer service for a two year old watch that was not water-resistant as advertised. img_0015

I had the same issue with mine, although it eventually cleared up.  We would definitely not recommend the Surge watch for this reason alone, not to mention the uncomfortable and non-changeable wrist band.

But with the Apple watch you can actually answer a phone call on you watch!  Like something out of Dick Tracy or Get Smart!  You can also reply to a text with the scribble function which is quite easy to do, sending a quick reply back via your fingertips.

So far we are so impressed with our Apple watches, and in our opinion there is no comparable comparison in the two products.  Yes, the Apple watch is $150 more than the $250 Surge, but the quality and feature differences between the Apple is so far superior that the price difference is neglibible.  I’m really amazed at the ‘wow factor’ of the Apple watch, and really didn’t think I would be before getting one – it really is a remarkable product.

On Saturday night, our good friends Ben and Tom came over to the house, and we had a pre-Hawaii dinner.  This coming Friday, we are all heading to Hawaii, although Ben and Tom are headed to Maui, and DOS and I are headed to Kauai.  I set the table with Hawaiian memorabilia from our previous trips, including a table cloth and glasses from Mama’s Fish House in Maui.  I only had one table cloth from there, and it wasn’t quite large enough to cover my table, so I asked Ben and Tom to pick me one up when they go there.  Mama’s Fish House is quite a ‘must see’ place when in Maui.  Here’s a quick look to the memories of our visit there last October.

IMG_6927 IMG_6861

IMG_6887 IMG_6918

IMG_6820Now it’s almost time for bed and a wind-down of the weekend.   img_0180We had a nice dinner at McCoy’s Restaurant in the Hyatt, img_9515and I had a quick night cap in the lobby lounge, shown here overlooking the airport terminal and airport-facing rooms.img_9517We also walked by the 9th and 10th floor Hemisphere’s Restaurant which has been closed for several months for renovations.  The front desk clerk said it should open later this month, but a quick peek inside shows there is still quite a bit of work to be done.  We will be glad when it opens again as it has great views overlooking the runway, and is a more intimate restaurant for dinner and even the breakfast buffet.img_0179

So tomorrow is another week, and now we’re into the month of October – wow this year has flown by!  Good night for now, and next stop for me is the home of Elvis!



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