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Three Nights in Perth! Arrival Day One!

We arrived into Fremantle, the gateway port for Perth, on a Wednesday after taking the five night repositioning cruise on P&O Australia’s Pacific Explorer from Adelaide. Our friends Manuela and Jenny from Adelaide had sailed with us to Perth, and were also staying on with us for our three day adventure there. Jenny had hired a large car for not only the four of us, but also for all of our luggage, and later for their two friends from the Perth area who would be joining us the next day.

After loading up the vehicle, the four of us piled up in the car, and headed to our hotel in Perth. Jenny drove the car, while Manuela sat in the front, with Steve (DOS) and I in the back row, with the third folded down to accommodate all our luggage.

The drive to downtown Perth was less than an hour, and we arrived at our hotel, the Hyatt Regency Perth by 11am. Fortunately both of our rooms were ready, so we were able to check-in and get settled in a bit before heading to lunch. The luggage cart was even equipped to handle all of our luggage! LOL!

Ok, actually this wasn’t ALL our luggage. Two of the pieces were Manuela’s and Jenny’s. Well we are gone for six weeks on this holiday, and it’s hard to pack light! LOL!????

The Perth Hyatt Regency was designed with an open floor to ceiling central lobby concept, and branched off to various floors within the structure.

Steve (DOS) and I had a nice suite on the 9th floor (top floor) with a large living room, separate bedroom, and a large master bathroom with jacuzzi tub and separate shower, as well as a 1/2 guest bath. We also had which had a large balcony, overlooking the city.

Guest half bath located off of the living room.

Large balcony with table and lounge chairs.

Manuela and Jenny were on the fourth floor, and their friends we hadn’t met yet would come and stay the next day, and had a room on the 8th floor. We have Globalist status with Hyatt, so we could gift the other two rooms Concierge Lounge access, including breakfast for their stay, which made it nice for cocktails and hors dourness in the evening, and breakfast in the restaurant in the morning.

After we got settled in our rooms the first day, we went down to the open-air lobby and had our first lunch in Perth. Well pizza of course!

After lunch we had the balance of the day to relax a bit; something DOS and I had not done by ourselves in over two weeks since we started in Doha with a 3 day layover, flew to Melbourne, stayed for a week with our friends there, flew to Adelaide, stayed in Adelaide for three days, and then taken the 5 night cruise from Adelaide to Perth. We did take a fairly long nap in the afternoon, and later met Manuela and Jenny for dinner, again in the hotel restaurant as we were all a bit tired to venture out our first day in Perth.

The Hyatt Regency has a large restaurant off of the lobby area, but you can also sit in the open-air lounge area adjacent to the restaurant, which we found more comfortable, informal, and relaxing, so like our lunch, we also sat in the lobby lounge for dinner.

Hyatt Regency Restaurant entrance located adjacent to the Lobby Lounge.

So this ends our first travel day to Perth via the P & O Explorer Cruise. The next two days we will meet our new friends Michael and Tracey (courtesy of our traveling friend Manuela), and we will tour the Swan Valley and surrounding Perth. For now, Welcome to Perth!

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