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Time out from the Safari for a quick travel update

I still have a couple posts left to do on our Africa vacation, but as I don’t want to be rushed with the next Safari segment, I’m doing a quick update for where I am now.  It’s Sunday night, June 25th, and I’m wrapping up the weekend back here at home in Orlando.  I leave in the morning for Washington D.C., where I’ll be all week on business.  Friday afternoon, (weather permitting and hoping!) I fly back to Orlando, where I will then meet up with DOS at MCO Airport, and then we both are flying to Mendoza, Argentina for the Fourth of July weekend.  It will be a busy week, and as I said, I’m hoping the Florida weather cooperates o.k. on Friday, both getting out of D.C., and then flying on to Dallas, connecting to Santiago, and ultimately Mendoza. I’m just finishing up packing for the two back-to-back trips, keeping in mind it will be winter in South America, while it’s going to be a hot summer in D.C.

A quick recap of the week; I was in Philadelphia this week on business Monday thru Wednesday, and then had a couple days at home to catch up on another project I’m working on.  I didn’t take a lot of photos, or do much, but as I was back in the Philadelphia Airport, I walked a bit before my return flight over to terminal A (international terminal), where DOS and I had flown into on our return trip from Africa (via British Airways from London), just two weeks ago.  I’m still unpacking from that trip!  As usual, when I’m in Philly Airport I take a photo of the lego block Liberty Bell, near the Admiral’s Club in Terminal A,

look at the jumbo jets – in this case a Qatar 787,

and ultimately ended up in the Admiral’s Club for a bit of relaxation before my flight. The ‘A’ terminal Admiral’s Club is by far the nicest one in Philadelphia (and one of the best domestically for AA), and was formerly the Business Class only Envoy Lounge during its US Airways days.  In the mornings, it’s usually fairly empty as most of the international flights to Europe don’t depart until the late afternoon or evening.

I stayed at the Hyatt House Hotel in Norristown, PA, and other than work, didn’t do a whole lot this week, but did work on my travel videos a bit in the evening in my hotel room. I had stayed at this property a month ago on business, and it’s very nice, Hyatt’s version of a business traveler’s suite hotel, similar to Marriott’s Residence Inn, or Hilton’s Homewood Suites.

This weekend back in Florida, it was typical summer hot, and I got in the pool a bit.  I had left the solar heating on the pool on, so it was a toasty 95 degrees!  Like walking into a hot (well at least warm) tub.  My brother Andy, had given Steve (DOS) this inflatable Unicorn for his birthday last year, and we’re just now getting to use it.  

It took a good half hour to inflate, and it takes up a good portion of the pool – it’s huge!  I think it has a mind of it’s own too, as it seems to follow us around the pool area when we are seated – it stares right at us!  

I made several attempts at getting on the Unicorn, but it’s much harder than it looks.  I fell off the float every single time but one!

  Anyway, the Unicorn is nice addition to the pool area, along with our wine barrel which was delivered last week.  I was hoping to put the wine barrel in the kitchen, but it overwhelmingly reeks of wine smell!  We had ordered a used wine barrel, and had it customized with a door and shelves, but it will have to stay out on the porch due to the heavy red wine smell. Still, it’s fun to have a ‘barrel tasting’ on the pool deck with the wine barrel, and DOS decorated it some more with light up grapes and candles.  

He even put it on a flat dolly, so we can move it around as needed.  It definitely adds some ambiance to the pool area, while the Unicorn adds some ‘life’ to it!

It’s 10:35 now, so I’m heading to bed.  Will finish up the African trip this week while I’m in Washington D.C.; again it was a trip of a lifetime – absolutely wonderful!   And next weekend, hopefully will have more adventures from Mendoza, and the wine tours we’re taking.

Until then, nightie night!

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