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Touring Around London: Tower of London/Tower Bridge/Pubs

We started our first full day in London with a full breakfast at our Hyatt Regency Hotel (aka The Churchill, after Winston Churchill). We had a good night’s sleep, and actually woke up around 9am, which was early for us considering the five hour time change. We had the buffet breakfast in the restaurant on the ground floor, and headed out to sightseeing around 10:30am.

We took so many photos I’m attaching these as a gallery. We first bought our Oyster card, which is like a US Metro card for subway and bus transportation around London. We put down 20 pounds each for the card, and you can add money to the card as needed, keeping in mind there is a daily cap of around 7 pounds each day, so at least the first couple days we wouldn’t go over that.

We walked a short 8 minute walk to the Bond Street Tube station where we bought our Oyster card, and then took the Tube to the Tower of London stop.

Prior to leaving for London, DOS had bought a London Travel pass, which covers some 80 attractions in and around mostly Central London, which we quickly put to good use. DOS bought us a six day pass, which is only slightly incrementally more expensive for each day you add. We used the pass today for both the Tower of London entrance fee, and later for the Tower Bridge entrance fee.

The Tower of London, and the Tower Bridge are both on the River Thames, and the latter is so named due to its proximity to the Tower. The Tower Bridge is not to be confused with the non-similar, but close proximity London Bridge, which is about a 1/2 mile west on the Thames River.

After visiting the Tower of London, we walked across the nearby Tower Bridge, actually both ways as we couldn’t find the entrance to the Tower Bridge attraction. (Hint: it’s on the right side of the bridge, closest to the Tower of London; guess we walked right by it!). This attraction was included with the London Travel Pass, and it includes the original Engine Room, as well as lots of stairs (over 200) up to the top level of the Tower. Fortunately DOS and I discovered the accessible elevator, (which actually anyone can use; there was no line), and a Tower Bridge employee will push the buttons to get you to the top much quicker than you can walk, believe me!

We walked back and forth across the top level, which has one of those “glass bottom” floor that scare the be-jeebies out of me, (there is a small section you can walk across without the glass), but we both braved it and took a few photos.

After walking across the Tower a couple times, we went to lunch at the Butler’s Wharf Chop House, which was a nice restaurant we saw from the top of the Tower, and overlooks the Tower Bridge.

We probably have way too many photos of the Tower Bridge and Tower of London, but they both are iconic places to see and photograph, and definitely worth visiting.

I’m signing off for now, as DOS and I are heading out for dinner at our favorite pub up the street from our hotel, The Three Turns. Enjoy!

Here’s a gallery of some of the photos from our day at The Tower of London, Tower Bridge, and the nice late lunch dining experience at the Butler’s Wharf Chop House, overlooking The Tower Bridge.

4 thoughts on “Touring Around London: Tower of London/Tower Bridge/Pubs

  1. Peter Norris

    Hi Steve and Steve.

    I just spotted details of your blog on FB and what a joy it is. I love the photos as you are always both always so obviously happy and living life to the full.

    Please carry on sharing your exploits as they always bring a smile to my face too.

    I’m also glad to see you are enjoying your trip to London, a man who is tired of London, is tired of life! If you make a future trip to the UK, you might get to see some more of the rest of our great country.

    Peter and Peter

    1. Steve Uno Post author

      Hi Peter, we are absolutely loving our time here in London! We are staying here a week before the Norway cruise out of Southampton, and have done a different itinerary each day. We will definitely return, and hopefully see you guys on a future visit. We would love to head out to different parts of the country, exploring new things each time. We had a wonderful day on a day trip from London to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Oxford, which I’ll write about in the next day or so. All the best! Steve and Steve

  2. Yvonne

    I so love reading these posts, love the details and the adventures you have. Can’t wait to see the Norway posts and hear about those experiences, we are maybe going there this fall if it works out. If not, then early next year. For reference, Lars is from Fauske, little south of Tromso so I’ve only been to the northern part along the coast.
    Question for you- we’re leaving tomorrow on another Celebrity cruise to celebrate anniversary (34 years, can’t believe it’s been that long ago we worked together) and birthday. You guys do a lot of Princess, how would you compare the two? We’ve looked at Norwegian as an option, but of course building points on Celebrity at this point.
    Hope you continue to have fun in London, it’s been a few years since we were there, but so fun to explore

    1. Steve Uno Post author

      Happy Anniversary Yvonne! Wow 34years- time flies! Congratulations! We are doing the Northern Arctic Circle route on this Princess Cruise. We have sailed to Tromso before and loved it, and we are also going again this time. We are going to the North Cape at Honnigsvog again as well and it should be close to 24 hours of daylight. We were supposed to cruise all the way to Spitzbergen, but that port was canceled a couple weeks ago, probably due to environmental issues and the size of the ship. Celebrity vs Princess? Both are wonderful. We’ve actually sailed Celebrity the most. Of the two Celebrity is more chic and modern (awesome specialty dining), but changed a few years ago to more casual (no formal nights) probably to attract younger trendy people. Since the Pandemic we’ve been sailing Princess mainly due their easy change policy, small deposits, and world-wide itineraries. Of the two Princess is more traditional with Formal nights; people still wear tuxes (not everyone, but at least a suit or jacket for men). Celebrity has changed to almost a two class ship now with the Retreat area; you pretty much have to book a Junior Suite or above to get the better dining room and access to the retreat. Celebrity has nicer Suites, and for a real splurge take the Penthouse Suite on the M-class Celebrity ships (Constellation, Millennium, Summit, or Infinity). They are older ships, but those suites are amazing; 1,400 square feet and nearly a 1,000 foot aft balcony. Hope you’re having a great trip, we can chat or email direct when you get back. Thanks! Steve

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