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Touring the Barossa Valley!

On our first full day in Adelaide, Steve (DOS) and I took a full day wine tour thru the beautiful Barossa Valley, only an hour’s drive north of the city. We used CP Tours and Charters for our wine tasting tour thru the Barossa Valley, and were very pleased with them. It reminded us of the Platypus tours we have taken several times in the Napa and Sonoma Valley in California, in that they were small group tours to mostly boutique wineries with knowledgeable guides who know the area well. We had a small group of seven people on our tour, comfortably seated in a mini-van, with our driver/guide being very knowledgeable about the area.

The drive to Barossa Valley was less than an hour from our hotel, and we picked up the other passengers on our tour at a couple other hotels as we headed off on our wine tasting journey. I took a few photos in Adelaide as we were heading out of town, and later the vineyards scattered about the Barossa Valley as we grew closer to our destinations.

Approaching the Barossa Valley on our winery tour.

On our day tour of the Barossa Valley, we toured four wineries, as well as having lunch at the second winery of the day. As the seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere from back home in Florida, the harvest season was just finishing, and the crowds of people were fewer. The weather was awesome early Autumn weather; warm still, and with no humidity.

Here are the wineries we visited in order of our tour in order of our visit. The first winery was Chateau Yaladra, which was entered thru the grand staircase and double doors at the entrance.

My tasting notes at Chateau Yaldara Winery

The second winery we went to in the Barossa Valley was Kies Family Wines. Here we had a nice tasting, followed by a sit down lunch there on the estate. We would have loved to have bought several bottles of wine here as well as the other wineries we visited, we were severely limited by the weight in our luggage, coupled with the cruise ship restrictions of two bottles of wine upon embarkation. We did buy a Kies cap here though after lunch and on our way out.

A little red vino (Cabernet Sauvignon) with our lunch!

Large chicken salad for lunch at Kies Family Winery

The next (third) winery we went to was Rockford Winery.

Here we had a wine tasting, and were fortunate to see a truck of wine grapes being delivery to the winery for processing.

We took a short break from our indoor wine tasting to go outside and view the manual process of transferring a truck load of grapes to the conveyer belt, which led to a machine where the grapes were de-stemmed and processed. The man doing the grape transferring from truck to the conveyor belt was using a pitch fork to do this, and it took him at least dozens of “throws” of wine grapes to the conveyer belt to empty his truck.

Our fourth and final winery of the day was Rusden Winery.

After our last winery, as a bonus, we stopped for a look over the beautiful Barossa Valley at the Barossa Sculpture Park. It was a clear day, and the view in the distance reminded me a bit of Napa up towards the Calistoga region. We took a few pics, and then headed the hour or so drive back to our hotel in Adelaide.

We finished up our tour and arrived back to the hotel around 5:30pm. It was a full but fun-filled day touring the Barossa Valley! We would love to come back and stay in the wine country there, or the McLaren Valley sometime for a few days. Australia has so many vineyards here as well as different regions of the country and “too little time to see them all!”

Back at the hotel we stopped by the Concierge Lounge for some evening hors d’oeuvres and complimentary beverages at the Hilton where we were staying. We had a nice sunset view to finish off our day as well!

Cheers from the Barossa Valley!

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