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Touring with J.J. around Franschhoek part 2

This post continues with our tour around Franschhoek wine country in South Africa, with J.J., our private tour guide and chauffeur during our five night stay at 21 Roux Street.  Since we went so many places and took so many photos, I breaking this post down by gallery from each place that we went.  Enjoy the photo show, and thanks again J.J. for such a wonderful time touring us around!  

The first gallery is from the “Spice Route”, which is a huge farm with a complex offering not only wine tastings, but also beer tasting, restaurants, and several shops, including a glass-blowing shop we really enjoyed.  We started with Brenda’s spice store which had a huge variety of spices, olive oils, etc; all colorfully and artistically displayed.


The next stop was the Babylonstoren Farm complex, with it’s beautiful and massive gardens, along with hotel, spa, shops, restaurants, and of course wine tasting. 

The next stop was Camberley, which was a smaller winery where we had a wine-pub lunch.

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