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Tragic week for Orlando

This will be a quick post and unlike the happy traveling posts I usually write.  Unfortunately it’s a sign of the times we live in, and it would be naive to ignore the realities of the evil in this world.

There’s a saying things happen in three’s, and this week Orlando was hit with a triple whammy of terrorism and death.  First there was the murder of singer Christine Grimmie following a show she had done at the Live Theater.

Later there was worst terrorist attack by gunfire in recent history at The Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, a predominately gay club, which killed 49 people and injured 51.  I don’t want to get into the gun control issue nor the Islamic Extremist motives at this time, but would like to acknowledge the horror of the event in this the city we live in.  I can not even begin to comprehend the evil of this senseless mass murder, and as the facts come out, why it could not have been stopped.  For now, the families are burying loved ones, at least 20 + people are still in hospitals, and lives have been forever shattered.  While we do not go to the clubs, and have never been to Pulse, our next door neighbor had a nephew who was killed in this horrific act of terrorism, and friends of others knew of someone; a co-worker, former classmate etc that died as well.

On the brighter side of tragedy, the Orlando community including Churches, companies, everyday people have come together in a way like never before.  People have lined up for blocks to donate blood, funeral companies and churches have make their services complimentary, Jet Blue offered families members flight to Orlando, and so on and so on.  There have been daily services and vigils throughout the city this week as well.  Likewise, the world-wide support for Orlando and the victims has been positive and truly genuine.  From Facebook to compassionate articles, photos, prayers and love, the outpouring of compassion has been wonderful at this sad time.

Myself, as well as many others gay and straight, updated their photo as a show of support.

Steves Orlando

Finally, as if this wasn’t enough, another horrific and not expected death occurred at Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort when an alligator attacked a two year old boy who was in shallow water with his Father.  Words can not even describe how horrific that must have been for the family and those witnessing it.  The boy was found dead but intact a day later, but this families lives are forever changed.

You would never suspect there are alligators in the man-made Seven Seas lagoon at Disney World world of all places, but unfortunately this is Florida, and no body of water is safe from the gators.  They find out water wherever it may be and have even ended up in people’s swimming pools. While we have never waded in the water at Disney World, we have walked along the beaches more than enough times to count, not to mention taking the boats across the water, and even the paddle boats and mini power boats you rent, not giving it a second thought of alligators in those same waters.  Naive for us thinking just because we’re at Disney they are exempt from nature, while Lake Jesup near our home has hundreds if not thousands of gators in it.  Gators are native to alligators, so as a word of warning for others, if there’s water, be it a lake, retention pond, golf course, Disney or wherever, just assume there are alligators in the water and use caution walking around the water, and never swim.  Use the many pools in Florida for swimming instead.

So this ends this sad post.  But if anything positive can be said for anyone is to enjoy life to it’s fullest.  Don’t let terrorists scare you out of doing things, yet be vigilant wherever you go and know your surroundings. None of us are guaranteed another day, so please make the most of TODAY, tell your family and significant others how much you love them, and live each day as it’s your last.  One day it will be.   May God bless all of the families affected, and who read this post.

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