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Travel week 2

Quick post as I just boarded US Airways 1815 from CLT to PIT, Airbus 319, First Class seat 3D.  Heading back to Pittsburgh again for the week on business.  Not really looking forward to the weather as I’ll be driving this week, and don’t like driving in the snow and ice.  We get so spoiled living in Florida!

Had a good flight from MCO to CLT this morning at 8:45am on a 767 jet.  USAir is discontinuing these jets soon (rather old 767-200 versions), so at least I’ll get a couple more flights out of them. Was in First Class, excuse me, Business Class 2B.  It’s configured for the international route, but not true international First, so they call it Business Class.  Slept most of the way to CLT, in the most reclining cube.

Had a WONDERFUL 10th anniversary weekend!  Friday night went out to Outback.  Saturday went to Fishbones with our friends Ben and 3

And Sunday night finished up with casual Sonny’s Barbeque.  I love all three, but Fishbones is wonderful!  Dos and I both had the dry-aged bone-in Rib Eye, which was cooked just right at Medium Rare.




Saturday morning went to the Grand Opening of Pappa Murphy’s Pizza.  I had gotten a flyer that said the first 100 people got a free pizza!  I somehow interpreted that to mean for the whole year (like Cold Stone Creamery did when they opened), but it was just a single topping pizza. photo 2







Anyway, we got our numbers, 35 and 36, and waited almost an hour for our ‘FREE’ pizza, which turned out to be $3 as we upgraded our pizza to the meat lovers pizza. photo 1 We took our pizza home and baked it – yes baked it, as ‘they make it, and you bake it!’  They basically just prepare the pizza for you, wrap it up, give you cooking instructions, and you’re on your way.  I don’t quite get the concept – when you want pizza, you generally don’t want to have to prepare anything!

So airborne now, and about to get my First Class ‘snacks’; i.e. chips and mixed nut package, along with my Coke Zero.  Last night I started digitizing some of my old cruise photos.  I plan on posting these as a gallery, hopefully in the next post, one ship at a time.  It takes quite a while to scan the old photos, but it’s worth the effort.  It’s neat looking back at cruising from years ago when I first started; i.e. 1987.

Until later . . .  oh I spoke too soon.  All I got was chips, being in room 3 I guess US Air runs out of mixed nuts!

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