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Two Night Layover in Dallas

As I said in my last post, our trip to Kauai got off to an unpredictable and frazzled start with Hurricane Matthew looming around the Florida coast. We left Orlando a day earlier on Thursday as the airport closed Thursday night, in anticipation of the Friday Hurricane. As a result, we ended up with a two night layover in Dallas instead of the planned one night. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency DFW airport for two nights, and had an 11th floor ‘runway’ view, although in actuality it overlooked the massive DFW airport’s terminals, control tower, and lots of roadways jutting thru the busy airport. We had a small french type balcony, but it allowed for us to step outside if we liked to watch the planes.

img_0471 img_0475

When we landed at DFW, there was a camera crew waiting to interview the Orlando passengers waiting at baggage claim. I wanted to get interviewed, but they were looking for families with small children, and one family won out as their little girl was carrying a Minnie Mouse doll. Had I known that I would have brought my own stuffed Micky Mouse to get interviewed!

img_0460We eventually picked up our luggage, and then headed down to catch the Hyatt shuttle bus.


We had a couple appetizers at the Aces Lobby bar before heading up to our room. I called my parents to assure them we were fine, and then headed to bed worried sick about Hurricane coming to Central Florida in a few short hours.  I prayed for the best, but imagined the worst as I drifted off to sleep.




When I woke up in the morning, I had a text from my neighbor Kenny and feared the worst.  To our surprise (and relief) he said the storm was not that bad and he didn’t see any visible damage to our house, across the street from theirs.  img_0484

Kenny said he would let us know later in the day when it was safe for him to go outside, as the storm was raging all day long on Friday.  I checked the news, and fortunately Hurricane Matthew had drifted a bit out to the east and didn’t make a direct hit on the coast as planned.  While there were still heavy winds and several inches of rain, it looked like as the newscaster said ‘We dodged a bullet’.  The coast had damage for sure, but nothing like what was expected.  The power was out in our neighborhood and most other places in Central Florida, and there were tree branches down, but for the most part Central Florida was ok – our prayers were answered!

I worked from my hotel room our DFW airport hotel for the day, and had quite a bit of administrative work to finish up before officially going on vacation to Kauai tomorrow.  By 5:30pm I was done, and had time for a quick nap before heading downstairs for a fun and fine dining experience at Mister G’s restaurant.   After napping and showering, I got a quick sunset view out from the balcony before heading to dinner.

img_0479 I gave Kenny a quick text before heading to Mister. G’s, and he assured us all was well on the home-front, but the power was still out, which was expected for a couple days.  Knowing the neighborhood was in good shape, we felt much more relieved going to dinner.

Steve (DOS) and I had been to Mister G’s several months ago, and enjoyed it so much we intentionally planned a one night stayer at the DFW Airport Hyatt to go there again, although we originally weren’t getting to DFW until nearly 8pm had we kept our original schedule.  img_0507Mr. G’s Steakhouse is a fine dining and intimate restaurant in the Hyatt Regency DFW Airport.  (Note there are two Hyatt’s at DFW – the Grand Hyatt which is actually attached to terminal D, and the nearby Hyatt Regency which is adjacent to, but not connected to Terminal B where Mister G’s is located.)  Mister. G’s only has 13 or 14 tables, so it’s quiet and elegant, with a library or study like decor, offering you a relaxed evening of dining and service.



Darrel, the butler, I mean the Maitre ‘D (he looks like a butler at a fancy home with his tux and red bowtie) remembered us from our last visit, and gave us the same corner ‘library’ reserved seat, which was the best seat in the house in our opinion.

img_0525The entire wait staff has been working there for many years, which says a lot about the quality working environment as well as service.  We remembered many of the attentive staff by face, if not by name from our last visit – it seems like we interacted with all of the wait staff at some point thru out the evening.


img_0495Similar to last time, we ordered two appetizers to share, a Caesar salad to share, a NY Strip for DOS, and a Rib-eye for myself.

img_0492 img_0494img_0498img_0496

We also ordered a bottle of Franciscan Chardonnay for our appetizers and salads, and a bottle of Earthquake Cabernet Sauvignon for dinner and desserts, celebrating our scrape from disaster and the excitement of our Hawaii trip in the morning.


img_0511 img_0509

After finishing our desserts, we said goodbye to the wait staff, had a photo made with Darrell (shown earlier in this post) and said bye until our next visit.

Tonight we would both rest much, much, better than last night, and ready for Hawaii when we wake up!  Thanks for a wonderful night of service Mister G’s staff!



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