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Unwanted Stow-a-way!

Twas a beautiful day at sea!  We love the lazy sea days to walk around deck, lounge on the verandah, sleep late, eat and drink etc.  This was the second formal night as well, so we donned our tuxes and were off to Michael’s Club.

Celebrity has turned Michael’s Club (a former piano bar open to all), into an exclusive private lounge for the top Suites and Zenith members (100 cruises or more) only.  It’s quite a nice treat, as there are only around 48 people on the ship who can access it, of which there are 3 Zenith members this cruise.  It’s a great place to socialize before dinner, and the drinks are complimentary thru out the day.  We have been gathering here each night, while we decide were to have dinner.

Actually Celebrity is building a new dining room for all Suite guests, however it won’t be open until the end of the month, so they allowed all suite guests complimentary access to any of the specialty dining restaurants every night – quite a nice perk!

We’ve been going to the S.S. United States so far every night but one.  On Celebrity’s four Millennium (M-Class ships) each of the elegant, (French) specialty dining restaurants is named and decorated after a famous ocean liner of yesteryear.   The lobby of the restaurant is actually like a mini museum, with menus, china, photos, and ship models of the actual ship.  DSC01849 DSC01848DSC01847

On the Infinity, in the waiting area are actually sofa and chairs from this famous and very fast ocean liner.  While the food is quite rich and a bit fancy-foo-fah for me, (I’m a steak and potatoes man!) the staff and service are impeccable, with the ‘butterfly’ service of presenting and removing your dishes all at once, with multiple waiters.

Steve DOS and I have been getting the Chateubriand every night as it’s so wonderful and prepared table-side.  Paired with excellent wine recommendations from the Sommelier, you have quite a perfect candlelight meal, with tiny tea candles and real flames – very unusual for a ship due to fire concerns – as well as the flambés table-side.   I asked our wait staff about the risk of fire, and they said there are fire extinguishers right under their serving table, so no worries.

Each night we have met other friends in Michael’s Club, and all nights but the first we have dined with one or more couples in S.S. United States.  Tonight though, we are going to be ‘healthy’ and try ‘Blue’ restaurant, which is exclusive to those traveling in Aqua, or spa-class.

Ok, so how does this fit in with the title of this post? After dinner with our new Australian friends Gary and Debbie, we went back up to Michael’s Club for a nightcap.  I was getting quite tired from all the fun and excused myself around 12:30am to go back to my room, leaving Steve DOS with Gary and Debbie.  Of all times, I would go back to my room by myself!

I walked into our Penthouse suite 6148 which was darkened for the night, drapes pulled etc,  and started to shed my tux.  I made my way to the bedroom, opened the door as normal – and then let out a huge SCREAM!  AHHHH!!!!!

In the near darkness of the room, I could see a man laying on my side of the bed – and I thought he was dead!  DSC01853I quickly closed the door, and contemplated what to do for the next few seconds – call 9-1-1, go get Steve, scream some more – my mind was racing!  Somehow in my semi-wined up state I got the courage to open the door again, and went over to feel ‘him’ to see if he was still alive.  

He was actually a stuffed ‘dummy’ our cabin steward and Butler had arranged with our clothes, towels, pillows and hat!  He looked and felt like a real person – he had Dos’s shoes on, my tan pants, windbreaker jacket, my cap, and sunglasses and was propped up in the bed!  I really thought it was a real person, and was scared to go touch it thinking it would jump up at me!  I finally did touch it, and realized it was stuffed with towels, but wow- did that give me the shock of my cruise life in the darkened cabin!  It was really an amazing job those guys did to create it! 

I briefly considered my options – I was tired – should I just shove him over on the bed for DOS to find him when he comes in?  No, as he was scream even louder and wake me up!

I decided to go back down to Michael’s Club, and told DOS and the Aussies they must come back to the room immediately- something wasn’t quite right.  In my rush back down to Michael’s Club, I kept thinking of a murder mystery movie where the body disappears by the time you get back – that would be another twist in the drama, and people would think I was nuts. Perhaps the cabin crew was planning that too?

Without giving the surprise away, though, the others walked in the living room saying everything seemed ok, and I suggested they checkout the deck and master bathroom, which is off of the bedroom.  Steve DOS and Debbie walked in the bedroom and let out an even louder scream than I had, spilling their drinks in the process!  It was truly hysterical!DSC01859 DSC01857 DSC01860

Not one to leave a stow-away on our bed, the three of us guys moved our new ‘dummy’ to the dining room, where he’ll stay for Panama Canal day!

Quite a hilarious, startling discovery, but truly original ‘prank’.  I would love to have these cabin stewards decorate my home for Halloween!  I’ve been on many cruises, but have never come across a ‘body’; usually sunglasses on a towel animal, but never a lifelike ‘stowaway’!

And too all a goodnight!

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