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Veracruz album11My first cruise was on the tiny, 10,000 ton ship the S.S. Veracruz, which was one of two ship of the Bahama Star Cruise Line. 10,000 tons might seem like a lifeboat in todays megaliners of the Oasis and Allure, back in 1987 it was my ‘Oasis’.  There weren’t that many cruise ships sailing back then as it was still a new industry, and many of the ones that were sailing, had been  converted from former ocean liners.  As the ocean liners were built for three classes way back when, there were oddities among many of my first cruises that you don’t see today, however it didn’t seem odd at the time.  For example on most ships today you can walk from one of the ship to the other on most decks, but on this and others of the era, you might be blocked mid ship, an have to walk up a flight of stairs and over, and then back down to get to another area on the same level; hailing back to the original design of the ship which couldn’t be easily modified.

I also liked the classic touches such as the call button for the room steward, the pull down holder for the champagne holder or drink glasses etc.  Of course there was no such thing as specialty dining back then, as it was the standard two-seating early/late dining room service.  Cabins were limited to Inside, Outside, and a Suite or two.  Cruise ship balconies were not even invented then, so that wasn’t an option.

On many of my first cruises I traveled solo, so I usually booked an inside cabin as I had to pay the dreaded 50% supplement, which rose to 100% supplement for an outside.  Occasionally there would be deals and I got the luxury of an outside.  The rooms were nothing special, but as I had nothing to compare it too, it was more than adequate.  (The one early exception I remember was on the Norway where my inside room was like a closet).

What really hooked me on that first cruise though was the dining.  The food, the wine, the camaraderie of new table-mates, the outstanding service from the waiters – it was wonderful!  I never liked going out to eat alone, so cruising automatically solved that problem -instant table-mates!  While I’d say 95% of the time over the years my table-mates have been wonderful, I’ve had only a handful of not so great table-mates, and they seem to be more from the cruises of today than of yesteryear when cruising was still a novelty for most.  Today we mostly do specialty dining, but as that wasn’t an option until early 2000 for many ships, I had quite a few years of traditional dining which I really enjoyed.

The photos in the album below are from my personal photo albums, the kind you stick photos into the old-fashioned way, and I just scanned them in.  The quality is not that great, but I’m glad I saved these early memories.  Yes, another thing or two different from today – no digital photos, no internet, ’twas a smaller ship so you actually met the Captain for a photo at the Captain’s party.  Likewise you would read the shipboard paper for the day’s events, as it wasn’t posted on your TV or on hallway flat screen panels like today. Fortunately every ship I’ve sailed still gives you their daily newspaper of events, which I like to keep as souvenirs.

I do have two original photos taken by the ship photographer on this cruise. The first one is a tradition I have kept to this day on almost all of the cruises I have taken, i.e. the cruise ship boarding photo:  wow I was a youngster then of 26 years old with black hair!Veracruz boarding Steve

The second photo below was at the Welcome Aboard Captain’s Party, where you went thru the receiving line and shook hands with the Captain and staff.  These days there are too many passengers to do this, and the fear of noro-virus makes this a dying tradition except for the smaller ships. Today it’s a Captain’s Champagne toast from the stage rather than a ‘hands-on’ photo moment with the Captain due to the scores of passengers on the new mega-ships.

So here are a few of my very first shipboard memories, scanned into digital from 1987.  I also saved and included the shipboard daily newspapers which are still printed today.*  These 1987 ship papers are fun to reminisce – wow a drink of the day special for $1.50!  Wow, I guess some things do change!   If anyone reading this ever worked on the Veracruz or you happen to be in a photo, please email me.  I would love to hear your stories!  Enjoy!

*Updated Edit: March 9, 2022. Have been cruising post-pandemic on Princess Cruises.  The shipboard newspapers (“Princess Patter” on Princess Cruises) are still printed, but like photos everything has gone digital.  You now use a Medallion device which you wear as a lanyard or wristband, and that has all of the activity information on your digital timeline; basically replacing the daily newspaper.  You can still get the printed copy on request, but it’s not like it used to be where it was placed on your bed overnight for the next day.  Times have changed, but I still reminisce about my first cruise on the Veracruz, and how now 34 years later I’m still cruising and loving it; gray hair and all! ?

Steve (UNO) in front of the Sky Princess – March 2022

Veracruz Photos from 1987 below:

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    1. Carrie Porter

      Thanks so much for the “Memories”..loved all he Pictures..We went on our First Cruise on The Veracruz we have our on Board Picture with the Name on the bottom of Picture..but no date? We are trying to find out the date that it first sailed out of Tampa,Florida? We usually buy the first picture getting on board the ship..also..but now they have dates on bottom.. Anyway ,like you..we enjoyed it so much..fixing to go on our62

      1. Steve Uno Post author

        Congratulations Carrie on your upcoming 62nd cruise! We’ve been on a comparable amount as well, and can honestly say we’ve never had a bad cruise, although a couple were less memorable than others. There’s something about being at sea that allows you to leave the world behind for a few days, truly relax, and be pampered for a bit. While the ships have gotten much, much bigger (to big in my opinion) and grander, they still offer the beauty of the world as seen from a deck chair or a stroll around the deck. Today that even includes balconies, unlike the tiny Veracruz of years ago! Thanks for commenting!

    1. Steve Uno Post author

      Wow a fellow Veracruz passenger! It was my first cruise as well and ended up taking it three times. Small, pre-balcony, pre-specialty dining, pre-rock climbing wall etc – but it was wonderful – truly how cruising used to be!

  2. Deb

    I found this googling Vera Cruz Shop. I believe I sailed to Cancun on this ship back around same time frame… prob couple years earlier…’85? I can’t recall exact year. There was a group of college kids that wreaked havock aboard ship. They even put Vaseline on our door knob to our cabin LOL I remember getting a bit sea sick. I’m about to go on my 2nd cruise, Rock Lehends Cruise in February, A few friends talked me into it. I know it is a much larger ship and it sounds like it might be an altogether different experience. The previous cruise it was all about the Destination for me …this coming RLC cruise I’m not even sure I’ll get off when we dock! LOL My main hope is that I do not get seasick! I do remember we had baked Alaska on the Veracruz and I do remember the wait staff was very attentive and it was cozy 🙂

    1. Steve Uno Post author

      OMG! I looked up your cruise and it sounds wonderful! It’s on the Independence of the Seas – HUGE ship! While I haven’t been on that ship, I have been on the sister and basic twin ship to that – The Freedom of the Seas. You could probably put the Veracruz in the main dining room on the Freedom! LOL! I love the bands playing on this sailing; too bad it’s sold out already or we might consider it. Yes, it will be a different (not bad, just different; i.e. much more grand and tons of stuff to do, bigger cabins, pool, shows – basically everything) than the Veracruz. I have fond memories of the Veracruz, and that tiny first ship I took got me hooked for life on cruising. One thing that has changed (in addition to just about everything else) is the additional dining options, which were not available back in the early days of cruising. While you can still have all your meals in the dining room, buffet area etc, do try and go at least one night to one of the specialty dining rooms. There is an extra cost in doing so, but depending what you like, “Chops” for awesome steaks is one of our favorites. Haven’t tried IZUMI, but if you like Sushi that may be good too. Definitely the shows, (ice skating, main theater .. .) list goes on. Write again when you get back and let me know your thoughts! Merry Christmas and Bon Voyage! Steve

      1. JMM

        Unlike the various replies to your memory of the veracruz cruise ship, out of Tampa, mine was not as favorable. I was suffering from food poisoning and fell victim to bring sea sick the entire sailing The rooms were non discript. My sleeping arrangement was a mirror on the wall that doubled as a pull down bed. I swore off cruises until the Royal Caribbean cruise line gained popularity. Royal Caribbean is now my cruise line of choice.

        1. Steve Uno Post author

          Hi Jim, sorry you had a bd experience on the Veracruz. Just curious what year and approximately what month you sailed. Yes it was a tiny ship; a tugboat compared to today. While I didn’t have food poisoning, on my first cruise ever I did get a bit of sea sickness the first night only. I had never sailed before, so didn’t know what to expect – just thought the sea sick bags every three feet on the railing was normal! Turns out there had been a hurricane within the last week, and the seas were still very rough; even the crew was getting sick. For such a tiny ship (some 10,000 tons compared to today’s mega liners, some of which are 20 times as big – 200,000 tons!) it’s easy to see how the ship could get a bit topsy turvy. I made it thru the first day, and the seasickness hasn’t bothered me since. That said, even on the small Veracruz, it had the ocean liner traditions that remain to this day (although many more alternatives now in entertainment, dining etc), and it got me hooked on cruising. Thanks for writing!

    1. Steve Uno Post author

      Hi David,
      That’s awesome! There’s something about the very first cruise one takes, and the Veracruz was mine. Compared to today’s mega ships, the Veracruz was a tugboat but a fun party boat with all of the traditions in its day. Did the ship assign you your own cabin for the 3 months you worked it? Did you go to other ships after that? Sounds like an awesome way to work at sea! Thanks, Steve

  3. Bill Torres

    Hi, Steve

    I was the boarding agent for the Veracruz when it sailed from Tampa in 1982. I handled the ship for 8 months in Tampa when I worked for Eller & Company located on Hookers Point. The ship would then head north during the summer months and sailed the St. Lawrence River. The captain of the ship was from Germany and his name was Captain Jens Thorn and Purser was George who lived in Orlando. At the time the SS Veracruz was the only cruise ship that sailed from Tampa until Holland America started sailing from Tampa a year later. I had the opportunity to cruise aboard the Veracruz twice and Bahama Star offered me the port suite both times which was essentially two standard rooms with the bathroom in between that actually had a tub. One room was the bedroom and the other room was a sitting parlor. The ship sailed to Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Key West. It was an awesome experience as I was in my early twenty’s and had free roam of the entire ship.

    1. Cindy

      Hi, Bill. I was one of the cruise assistants on the SS Veracruz from 1981 to 1985. I remember working with you during embarkation days. Seems like a lifetime ago!! So many memories-Loved that ship

      1. Deb C.

        Hi Steve — I found your website while going in search of some info on some of the cruise ships I worked on … including the Veracruz. I was lined up to work in the gift shop during the summer of 80, but the ship ran into engine trouble from FL to Puerto Rico, and it wound up in dry dock for months. By the time it was ready to set sail again, I was less than a month out before having to go back to colege, so I didn’t join up again. I did wind up back on the ship during the summer of 82 when it cruised from NY to Montreal and Quebec. What a fun and crazy time that was. I was not a fan of the captain at all – I thought he was a bit of a creep, but was good pals with the shop director Sylvie; the photographers (I think they were Jeff and Craig), and Suzanne – who was one of the cruise assistants. (I don’t remember you, Cindy, but it sounds like we probably overlapped, even though I wasn’t there long; it was a summer job for me while I was in college.)

        I still have my staff pin, ID, and my crew station card! (Bimini deck; main cabin. And my job was to assist passenger onto lifeboat 7…)

        Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Steve.

        1. Steve Uno Post author

          Wow thanks for the feedback! I was in college at that time as well, but didn’t have nearly the excitement you must have had working summers aboard! What an awesome summer job cruising from NY to Montreal and Quebec! Nice souvenir with the staff pin and ID card; I think I would frame it with some photos of your working days aboard. Thanks for keeping us safe and not having to board lucky lifeboat 7. ? Thanks for writing!

  4. Jean

    Hi! I’ve been going through my parent’s travel scrapbooks and came across one of their cruises to Alaska in 1979 on the Veracruz with Jens Thorn as captain. The paper daily programs are also in there. They have made many friendships on board. Like you, they also buy the “on board” photo! 🙂

  5. Sherryl Richey

    Our first cruise was also on the Veracruz, in 1985. I loved it and would travel on it again. I liked the dining arrangement. We enjoyed each meal with our tablemates. The food was so delicious and exciting.
    Several people were sea sick for the early part of the cruise. I learned the first morning that if I went up on deck and stayed outside I felt fine. I left our cabin as soon as I heard the neighboring passengers barfing.
    On that cruise I went snorkeling for the first time. I had within the previous year or two gotten over my fear of water and learned to swim. The Lord took away my fear when I trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior. I vividly remember looking at the fish through my goggles and say, “Wow!”

  6. Scot W Peak

    I worked for Bahama Cruise Line in Tampa doing reservations. My Mother is one of the pioneers who help bring the Veracruz to Tampa. She ran the BCL operation from 1979-1987. Great memories. I still have a picture of the ship hanging over my desk at home.

    1. Tony reyes

      I did carpet work on this ship in the seventys thorn was staff capitan we were going in the Caribbean. For a few weeks then thru Panama canal with a few stops then then Vancouver a inside passage of Alaska I had my wife and a couple of people that worked wit me

  7. Ronda bandy

    Love bed the Vera Cruz! Went on a cruise from Tampa to Cozumel and playa de Carmen in ‘88 the captain was Roger Bono, photographer was named Oaul and bartender was Cheppy… such fond memories!

    1. Elijah Eugene

      Anyone that work on the vera Cruz ship from 1986 to end of 1987 I would like to reach out to you. I was the bell boy . I remember the chief Stewart John potier. Still gat my ship ID card.

  8. Robert Pressprich

    The “yacht like” Veracruz was how it was billed. Living in St Petersburg, I wanted to try a cruise and it was the easiest and cheapest way to try one. My first was the weekend cruise to nowhere, $99 inside plus port tax. The dining room was great and we wore jacket and tie! The room was tiny with exposed pipes and campground like bathroom. I liked it enough to try the 5 day cruise to Cozumel where we docked near the Caribe, which became the Regal Empress, another Tampa Bay early favorite. Friends onboard, older of course, were Holland America cruisers, and influenced me to try a better ship and line. In 2003, I tried the old Noordam and have been quite loyal to HAL since. Unfortunately, HAL may not return to Tampa after 36 years
    of winter season cruise from Here.

    1. Elijah Eugene

      Hello how are you doing my name is Elijah eugene I work on the ship from 1986 to late 1987 as a bell boy .what was your aunt name. The hospital was on the back of the ship port side.

  9. James Henry

    My wife and I had the pleasure of sitting at the Captain’s table on our honeymoon cruise aboard Veracruse. I have the photo if you’re still interested. It was November, 1977.

    1. Steve Uno Post author

      James That’s awesome! You’re up to what your 44th year anniversary now? Congratulations! Sure I’d love to see your pic, and I could post with your permission. Like I said, the tiny Veracruz got me hooked on cruising for life. I know it must hold a special place in your heart too since it was your honeymoon. Cruising is still awesome, although much different than the earlier times such as the late 70s, when only a very few people had ever sailed; no such thing as a balcony or specialty dining, strangers (but soon friends) dining together every night of the cruise, midnight buffets were standard, after-dinner fun was looking thru the photo gallery of fellow passengers, the Captain actually shook your hand in the receiving live of the Captain’s cocktail party, and of course the Baked Alaska parade was a highlight! We went on the Princess Enchanted recently on November 10th, and while it was a spectacular (WOW!) inaugural cruise, the Veracruz is what started my love of cruising; so different today, bigger, grander, etc, but still has some of the same “We’re all in the same boat” type of feeling. Hope you are still sailing to this day, although with COVID it’s been a bit of a setback for everyone. Thanks for writing, and all the best this holiday season! Steve

  10. Elijah Eugene

    Anyone that work on the vera Cruz ship from 1986 to end of 1987 I would like to reach out to you. I was the bell boy . I remember the chief Stewart John potier. Still gat my ship ID card.

  11. Elijah Eugene

    Hello Steve. I worked on the ship gat lots of stores and memories. I was the bell boy from 1986 to late 1987. Great experience I met alot of friends while working there.also great passenger, s I still have my ship ID card.feel free to email me.thanks

  12. Tony reyes

    I would like to talk to anyone who worked on the veracruze in the late 70 when the ship left the Caribbean and went tru Panama canal headed to LA Vancouver Canada and inside passage of Alaska I was putting new carpet at that time

  13. Lauree burdett

    We went on our first cruise 1975 on Veracruz. Not our first ship travel because we had travelled to and from Australia in the late 60 s. We had a great time our stateroom was an i side one and when the light was out it was DARK. we spent very little time in The stateroom. The cruise was two weeks in the Caribbean plus flights from Calgary starting g at $900. I think the drinks were included. The ship had a few problems like broken stabilizers. Cheapest best cruise I ever took.

  14. Barry Harnick

    I went on the Veracruz to Alaska sailing out of Vancouver. The ship was small and introduced me to cruising.

  15. Donna Rohwer

    Steve, I was trying to find out how many rooms the S.S. Veracruz had. I ran across your website. Then I was researching my files and found the brochure, including the layout of the ship. So funny! If there is a way to send them to you, I would be glad to do that. We cruised on the Veracruz in 1984.

    1. Steve Uno Post author

      Hi Donna, and Happy New Year! Thanks for your feedback! I’ll send you a private email you can email the brochure back (assuming it can be scanned) otherwise I’ll send my address. As I’ve been at home recently recovering from heart surgery, I’ve been going thru literally boxes and boxes of old cruise brochures, photos, and other travel information and I know I have more photos and information on the Veracruz and other ships somewhere, which I’ll update as time allows. I found a 1987/88 edition of “On Deck”, and it listed the Veracruz as 10,595 Gross Registered Tons, and had a total of 363 cabins. It was 487 feet long by 64 feet wide and had 8 passenger decks. Plus ONE elevator too! The cabin breakdown was 2 Outside Suites, 180 inside cabins, and 181 outside cabins, and zero balconies. Quite a change from today with the mega-liners this size of a small city, but the Veracruz will always be special to me being the first cruise I took, and still had some of the same traditions today.

    2. Carrie Sue Porter

      Hi Donna, I have been reading all the comments on the Vera Cruz with interest.It was our very first Cruise ..out of Tampa ,Florida…The one that got us started on cruising…Love Cruising! We have been on most of the major lines out of Florida..Do you by any chance know what year she first sailed out of Tampa? We have our boarding picture with the name on it but no date..Would love to find out the date? I think it was one of the first Cruises out of Tampa…Looking forward to your answer..Carrie Porter….Thanks..

  16. Ron Thompson

    My wife and I took a cruise to nowhere from Tampa in 1987ish, it was $99. The a/C died and our room turned into a sauna. we got buckets of ice and had fun wrestling the cubes into each other’s clothes. A fun weekend that I’d love to do again.

  17. Mark Rogers

    I was the sales and operations manager for the SS Veracruz from 83-86 when it sailed out of Tampa doing 2 day to nowhere cruises and 5 days to Mexico cruises

    1. Steve Uno Post author

      Hi Mark, did you work land-based out of Tampa, or aboard the ship at least some of the time? That was definitely in the infancy of the “new days” of cruising – how exciting! I loved that small ship and have such fond memories today. I never took the 2 day cruises, but loved the 5 day cruises way back then before Cozumel and Playa del Carmen got so discovered by other ships.

  18. Tom M

    Veracruz was my wife’s and my first 2 cruises…it was ‘85 and ‘86. 5 day itinerary from Tampa to Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel. Room was small and walls were paper thin…neighbors hated my snoring. Food was outstanding. Now 50 cruises later, we often talk about how much fun we had on the Veracruz.

    1. Steve Uno Post author

      TOM, Glad you could experience this gem; a true blast from the past. Yes, THE Veracruz was tiny but the service was traditional and great in the dining room. Back in the pre-balcony days, and it was either a small inside or outside room! With only the main dining room, where dinner was a highlight of the day sharing stories with your fellow table-mates. Yes it’s different today many cruises later but I have such good memories of my ‘starter cruise’ that got me hooked on cruising. We’re taking a short 4 day cruise this week on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady; should be totally different than any we’ve been on, so we shall see! I’ll write about it later this week. Happy Cruising!

  19. Donna Rafferty

    We sailed on the Vera Cruz on May 28, 1985, this was our 1st cruise for our honeymoon. We just celebrated our 38th Anniversary and about double that amout of cruises. Love living in Florida close to all the ports!

    1. Steve Uno Post author

      Congratulations on 38 years together! The first cruise is always so memorable, especially for a honeymoon! We just got back from our first Virgin Voyage’s cruise on The Scarlet Lady; adult’s only, and quite a bit different from even cruises today. Will write about that in a couple days. The Veracruz was always special to me as it got me hooked on cruising way back in 1987. The ships have gotten so much bigger (not so good) that the Veracruz today would seem like a lifeboat! LOL! Likewise we love living in the Orlando area, and it’s so close to Port Canaveral, which is now the largest cruise port in the US. We’re really exciting about the Brightline Train starting in September from Orlando to West Palm, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami for even more cruise port accessibility. Happy Cruising!

    1. Steve Uno Post author

      Wow Mark! Thanks so much for sharing your video of the Veracruz! I love so much about it; the retro everything from 35 years ago. We’re about the same age (although I’m 4 years older), so like me, you started cruising early on in the infancy of cruising as compared to toady. So many things bring back good memories; the waiters in the dining room (only 1 dining room back then) who knew your name and preferences within a day or so, their formal night parade with Baked Alaska and you were seated with other passengers for either main or late dining (no anytime or specialty dining), greeting the Captain at the Welcome Aboard Party (when the ship was small enough everyone could meet him and shake his hand and get their photo taken with him), the photo gallery area was a big thing too as it was the only way to view photos back then, and it was fun looking at other passengers photos on display. Today while there’s still a photo gallery it’s mostly on the app or view it on the in-room TV. Oh yeah, back then we didn’t have a TV in the rooms! The simple parking lot at the Tampa terminal, unlike the mega garages today . . . so many things have changed, but the Veracruz is always a special memory for me, and as your video shows, it provides a nostalgic blast from the past. I hope you are still cruising today. Thanks so much for sharing!

  20. Wayne Turner

    Fun read and I too sailed out of Tampa with a buddy to go scuba diving in Cozumel on the Veracruz in August of 1987. On day two of five, 36 years ago I met the love of my life. We have been married nearly 34 years and have been blessed with 3 amazing children and four grands so far. Fun memories and we speak of it often. It was great seeing your pics and reflecting back on some really great memories.

    1. Steve Uno Post author

      Wow – the Veracruz was really “The Love Boat!” What a wonderful story – it sounds like an episode from the TV show, but it was the real thing! (I nostalgically watch “The Love Boat” on the Pluto channel, where you can watch it 24 hours a day if you like. LOL!) Congratulations to you on your 36 years together and your kids and grandkids! Thanks for sharing and best wishes to your family for many more years of happiness.

  21. Laurie McGarva

    May 1979, four weeks, from Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic to Alaska and ending in Vancouver. Deluxe. I was 27. Ship found me two roomies, three weeks to Vancouver, one week Alaska. Nice senior ladies.

  22. Sindy Moon

    Hi Steve, I worked on the Vera Cruz approximately 1982(ish) – 1985(ish). I then got promoted to work on all three Bahama Cruise Line ships (which changed name to Bermuda Star Lines). I have a few pictures and a few stories I’d love to share. How can I communicate best with you? Thank you.
    Sindy (Sadler) Moon

    1. Steve Uno Post author

      Hi Sindy, thanks for reaching out. I remember the Veracruz, Bermuda Star, and am not familiar with the third ship? I sent you an email you can contact me personally if you like. Thanks so much! Steve

  23. Vince

    My first cruise, 1978, Caribbean cruise. I was 18. Cartoonist Ben Wicks and his family were on it, his son Vince was working as entertainment host. They had a talent night, I was juggling apples ? from the dinning room. I won a big bottle of Mumm champane shared it with a girl i met on the trip. Mostly Canadians, I had a blast

    1. Steve Uno Post author

      Hi Vince, juggling apples from the dining room! WOW that must have been exciting to watch! Congratulations on winning the Champagne way back when. Great memories for sure! Thanks for sharing. Steve


    We went on our first cruise with the Veracruz in 1988 out of tampa. We have such fond memories. I remember at the end of the cruise, the entire staff sang ” we are saling”. I heard the song tonight 2-14-24 in a restaurant and my wife and I immediately smiled at each other thinking of the years gone by and the wonderful time we had on the Veracruz. The a/c died on the first night and many of us took our mattress’es and slept outside. If you were on this cruise with us, there also was a small fire in the engine, but not to worry we were all safe. If any of this sounds familiar please let me know

    1. Steve Uno Post author

      Hi Charles, what wonderful if not uncomfortable memories sleeping outside due to the A/C going out. No I wasn’t on that cruise with you, but it would have been the approximate time frame; 1987/1988. So much has changed since then with the mega cruises and now the crowded ports, but way back then it was really a special time that few people (compared to today) had ever experienced. I was told on one of the cruises back then that only about 3% of Americans had taken a cruise; wow compare that to now! Thanks for writing, and hope you’re still sailing somewhere today! Cheers!

  25. Stephen Kohlhase

    Great trip. Did the Tampa to Mexico cruise with my future wife, I think fall of ‘85. Storms in Atlantic rolled us all the there and back. Didn’t matter, hung out at Deck Bar with fun people like the Dating Game Bunch and the Meteorologist from Tampa area. Very nice ladies as table mates.
    That was last time on one, first was the Andrea Doria ( before it sank)

    1. Steve Uno Post author

      Wow – you went on the Andrea Doria! What an experience that must have been on a true and historic Trans-Atlantic liner. Glad you had a great experience on the Veracruz as well. Cruising is all about good times, meeting people, and lifelong memories!

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