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WDW-Be our Guest

Wow was it hard to get a reservation here!  Be our Guest (BOG) just opened in 2014, and we went about 3 months after it opened.  We keDSC00673pt checking for reservations, but one opened up last minute at 4:10pm for dinner, so we jumped on it.  It was actually a good time, as they don’t open for dinner until 4pm, so we were right there at the front getting served before it got real busy. They do a short announcement outside that the Castle will be open Waiting for Be our Guest to openshortly, and the waiters and waitresses are all lined up to welcome the 4pm guests – fun to watch!  Here are some pics of the restaurant and our meal, and yes this is the only establishment in the Magic Kingdom where alcohol is served, and only with dinner.

Steve waiting for BOG to openDSC00634

Once we were seated, we immediately took some photos before it got too crowded.  Going early as we did, it was pretty empty for a few minutes, but quickly filled up.  The restaurant has 3 sections:

The gorgeous Main Dining Room where we ate with the fancy ceiling and chandeliers: Be sure to look out the back windows there as it’s snowing outside the Castle!Main Dining Room

Be our Guest -Main Dining Ceiling

The Beast room, i.e. West Wing- shown below, twas a bit creepy: Halloween like. I didn’t care for it as it was rather dark.  DSC00659

Be sure to look for the Glass-enclosed
Rose in this room.DSC00662

And the East Wing to the right, which was a bit more plain, sports a revolving statue of Belle and The Beast dancing.

East Wing

The food was quite reasonable in price for Disney, and good quality too, although the selection is not huge.  It’s not fancy by any means, but it has an elegant feel to it, especially in the main dining room. A rose-shaped napkin is set on your plate waiting for you to partake of the Beast’s feast.  DSC00648 The service was very good and quick.  Some might say too quick.  While it’s nice and leisurely, it does have a bit of fast-pace feel to it, as it is one busy and in demand restaurant; i.e. they clear the tables quickly for the next guests.DSC00666

They do serve alcohol, so you can feel a bit rebellious in the Magic Kingdom having a sip of Cabernet or a brewski.


Or have both such as I did!   They have wines by the glass as well as bottle.

The food was good, and decent portion sizes were served. DOS is happy getting his mussels!   DSC00652


Be sure and save room for dessert.  There is a yummy looking dessert cart they will wheel to your table to tempt you.

Try the Grey stuff ‘it’s delicious – don’t believe me ask the dishes!’  So the song goes, and yes we did try the Grey stuff!DSC00656


Although DOS didn’t really think it was delicious, it was ok, but that wouldn’t rhyme with the song.  We’re both glad we tried it though to say we had the “Grey Stuff”.

And finally, not to spoil your surprise, but you do have to leave the Castle some time . . .  so on your way out you can get your photo taken with The Beast!  Please note that your whole party must be leaving when you do this, as you can’t come back into the Dining Room after the pic.

The Steve's with Beast

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