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Weekend mostly at home

We had a nice weekend at home for a change. It was nice to relax for a bit and not be on the go, even though I still had to pack for the next three trips!  On Saturday we went to our Methodist Church’s huge ‘Whale of a Sale’ which they have annually, and this year’s was definitely the best. DOS and I used to volunteer for to help out with this, but were too busy this year with our work/travel schedules.  I did donate quite a few things to the sale recently however, and would have donated even more if I had been home to clean out the garage and spare bedroom.   We did buy a few things at the sale; DOS bought a couple palm tree 5 x 7 rugs, and I bought a few CDs and Christmas ornaments.  It’s always fun browsing thru ‘rummage’ type sales – you never know what you’ll find.IMG_5705IMG_5706

After we got home from the ‘Whale of a Sale’, I began my packing for the next three trips.  On Monday, I’m going to Spokane, Washington for the work week, and coming back on Friday evening.  We are leaving for Maui on Saturday morning, so we are going to stay Friday night at the Hyatt Orlando Airport, and I’m not even coming home to the house in between trips.  Then when we get back from Maui, I will be home that weekend, and leaving the following Monday for Kansas!  I pack for each trip separately, (with three complete sets of toiletry items, contact solutions etc.) so it makes it easier not to forget something, which I’ve done many times before.

We cooked out at home by the pool Saturday night which was nice and leisurely. We leave the outdoor lights up year-round by the pool which makes for a continuous holiday celebration.IMG_1484

On Sunday we headed back to the Orlando Airport Hyatt for the night as I had an early 7:25am flight to Phoenix/Spokane.  Here lately, the Airport Hyatt is like our Sunday night home!

IMG_5710 IMG_5711 IMG_5714

We always have a nice dinner at McCoy’s casual restaurant at the Hyatt, IMG_5722IMG_5718


and then have a nightcap at the lobby lounge, where Sunday night football is playing on the big screens.IMG_5724 IMG_5723

And then before you know it, the weekend at home has drawn to a close.  One more business trip in the morning, and then Hawaii here we come!

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