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Weekend work in Dallas

I haven’t posted in quite a while as I’ve been very busy since getting back from vacation.  I have several posts to catch up on regarding the South America trip, but for now a quick update as I fly to Dallas.

It’s Saturday afternoon, and my 1:15pm flight #1009 from MCO to DFW on AA will be departing shortly.  I don’t know why this one flight of several to Dallas is full in coach and Main Cabin extra, and I’m stuck in regular coach hell in 11C.  I truly forgot how horrible and tight regular coach can be.  I have to type this with my laptop slanted back as there is not enough room in the seat to fully open it up.  We’re pushing back shortly = a year hour flight plus 3rd shift work tonight- lovely way to spend the weekend!

I was in Idaho all this week for work, and got back last night around 5pm.  Had dinner at Outback with Dos, and said hi to my neighbors Kenny and Mary.  I left the house this morning at 11:15am for my flight to DFW.  I don’t nomrally work weekends, but there is a system upgrade I need to attend at 4am in the morning.  So I’ll get to DFW, get a car, and probably nap early so I can be up at 3am for work.

Pushing back now . . .

Ok, so I jinxed myself.  Right after I wrote and saved the above post, the Captain informed us there was a problem with the fuel pump, and we had to go back to the gate.  AHHHHH!  (I know safety first, but still AHHHHH, when you have to be somewhere that night for work!)   Since they couldn’t tell us how long the delay was, I called American, and they were very accommodating about putting me on the next flight at 2:55pm.  I asked the lead Flight Attendant for permission to deplane, and she was quite nice about it.  The gate agent reissued my ticket, and I was on the next flight, which left from the adjacent gate.

The original flight ended up going before my new flight, but only by a few minutes. I’m really glad I changed flights as I didn’t know what the outcome would be, plus I got a nicer seat – 7C, the bulkhead seat behind First, which was way more comfortable.

I landed around 5pm, and went and waited for the rental car bus. IMG_3199 Saturday has to be the slowest day to rent a car, as normally the rental car shuttle bus is packed here at DFW.  IMG_3202Today there were only 3 renters on it including myself, and the other 2 were a couple.  I then drove to my hotel – the Grand Hyatt at DFW.  Wow – what a nice place!  IMG_3209I’ll write more later, but have to take a bit of a nap as my wakeup call is set for 2:15am, and it’s now 7pm.

For all those reading; have a great weekend for me!

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