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Welcome Home – Need a New Fridge!

We got back to our house in Orlando safely and a bit tired the next day, after having taken the Amtrak Auto Train home from Virginia yesterday. We stopped at McDonald’s for a coffee and McMuffin on the way, and were home by 10:30am, as the Auto Train station is only 15 minutes from the house. The plants and landscaping we had recently had done had grown a fair bit, but looked nice as in this photo show later in the evening with the lights shining on them. And of course our next door neighbor’s dog, Ranger, was happy to see us.

So as normal when we return home from a long trip, we walk in the house, adjust the air conditioner, turn on the water, and start bringing our luggage in. Florida Tip: Always turn off the water main when you are going away for a long trip, and adjust the temperature up, but not off. For northerners who might get frozen pipes, this wouldn’t apply obviously, but you may still want to adjust the thermostat for energy savings.

A short while later when we are inside unpacking and I go to get a soda, I realize the refrigerator has quit working. Yes, as in kaput, dead, no longer working! This obviously called for immediate action, and Steve (DOS) promptly thru out all of the contents of the fridge into the garbage, while we started our search for a new fridge.

After researching a few options on line, we went fridge shopping the next day to Appliance Direct in the Altamonte Springs location of Orlando. We were dreading once again shopping for an appliance, after the recent Home Depot fiasco obtaining a new dishwasher, but fortunately Appliance Direct was outstanding! As bad as Home Depot was in customer service, delivery, and caring, Appliance Direct was totally the opposite: courteous, had item we wanted in stock, delivered to us the next day, and was overall a quick and wonderful shopping experience! From their website and TV advertisements, here is the happy Appliance Direct salesman!

We figured we would have to settle with a small “dorm-size” fridge temporarily as no place would have a full size in stock, however Appliance Direct did have two new models in stock (in addition to the scratch and dent models) that met our needs. We bought a nice three door Whirlpool refrigerator, which has two upper doors for the fridge, and one lower pull out drawer for the freezer. In addition to my concerns about fridge availability, it had to be a certain size due to the very tight cabinet fitting it would reside in when installed. DOS had measured our space at least three times before we went shopping, and fortunately most of the models were fairly standard in size, which fit wonderfully! I’m jumping ahead of the fridge removal, but here is the empty space after we moved the old fridge out, prior to putting the new one in, just to show the maximum space we had to put the new one in.

After purchasing the refrigerator, we now how to move the old one out of the way to make room for the new one, which they would also remove when they brought the new one in for delivery the next day. Surprisingly, moving the fridge out of the tight cabinet space was fairly easy as it was on wheels.

There was a bit of cleanup we had to do where the refrigerator had stood all these years, but it was a fairly easy clean up job for DOS.

But removing all of the fridge magnets, postcards, photos etc from the 16 year old fridge, which we did before we moved the fridge out took me quite some time! Oh the memories that fridge had on it – if it could talk!

I had replaced the refrigerator right before I met DOS, and right after the trio of hurricanes that hit Orlando in 2004 (Charley, Francis, and Jean.) I remember at the time my neighbor Kenny telling me “Don’t ever replace this refrigerator, you’ll never get it out of the cabinet space!” LOL! Fortunately DOS and I had no problem, and I researched the average age of a fridge, which was ironically 14 – 17 years, so right on schedule for a new one!

After removing all of the magnets, photos, cards and others, I had a full box of memorabilia from literally all over the world. I saved the fridge mementos, but did not reapply them when we got the new fridge. Here are the dozens of magnets and memorabilia adorning our old fridge that I had to remove.

The fridge was delivered and installed promptly the next day by two men, and they even gave us a quick training session on some of the features. The ice maker is contained within one of the doors, so it allows for more cubic space, and the water/ice dispenser on the outside has several newer control lights indicating filter change, temperature, humidity etc.

We also needed to let it run for a day, wash a couple gallons of water thru the filter, and two cycles of ice before we could use those features. Within a day however, we were filling our new refrigerator with food and beverage, and couldn’t be happier with our new purchase! Thank you Appliance Direct!

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