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Welcome to the Grand Hyatt Doha!

We are staying at the Grand Hyatt in Doha for 3 nights, while on a stopover to Australia. The Grand Hyatt is an exceptional resort property, located about a half hour’s drive from the airport. The entryway drive to the hotel is huge, and the front entrance to the hotel has guests screened via metal detector and X-ray device such as in the airport, providing an even more secure feeling in ultra-safe Doha.

We arrived to Doha during the season of Ramadan, and while there are several restaurants and bars at the hotel, only the Rocca Restaurant and Santa Monica Cafe were open during this time, and none of the venues serve alcohol.  The one exception, albeit an expensive one, to the alcohol restriction is alcohol is allowed if ordered thru Room Service. Not even the Concierge Grand Club served alcohol during the month of Ramadan, although it would normally offer complimentary alcoholic drinks during the evening.

Here are some photos of the Santa Monica Breakfast Club, where we had breakfast each morning. The Santa Monica Breakfast Club, despite its name was also open for lunch and dinner, although we went to Rocca Italian Restaurant each nice. although it was also open for lunch and dinner.

We checked into the hotel around 7:30pm the first night of our three night stay, and immediately went to dinner at Rocca Italian Restaurant, even before going to our room, as we were hungry and a bit tired from the long trip to Doha.

Normally bottles of vino, but during Ramadan only colorful bottles of water for display
in Rocca Restaurant.

Our bellman delivered our luggage to the room for us, so it was waiting for us after dinner when we got to our room. While a nice Chianti would have been nice with dinner, and the restaurant normally serves alcohol, we couldn’t have any wine (or alcohol) with our meal. Fortunately, (and surprisingly) when we got to our room after dinner, the hotel had given us a complimentary bottle of South African Merlot.

Our room was 578, which we had upgraded using a Hyatt Globalist award, and the room; I.e. suite was one of the largest in the hotel the check-in manager said!  The room was huge, and had a separate living room, dining room area, huge main bathroom, a guest bathroom, a large bedroom, plenty of of closet space and a whole area just for our suitcases, plus a humongous wrap-around balcony overlooking the pool and skyscrapers of Doha in the distance.  Quite nice accommodations for three nights!

Once section of our enormous wrap-around corner balcony, with multiple sliding doors out to it.

Corner side wing of our private 5th floor balcony overlooking the city of Doha.

The Hotel’s lobby area and adjacent sitting room were quite grand as one would imagine with a “Grand Hyatt” in the name, and decorated with a subtle and elegant  Middle Eastern decor.  Not that it was Disney-like per se, but it did remind me of the Grand Floridian or Animal Kingdom Lodge with its huge sitting room and high ceilings.  Also the decor in Epcot’s Morocco had the similar Middle Eastern similarities as well.

Grand Hyatt Doha main Lobby area and entrance

The Grand Hyatt Doha is an outstanding resort, but somehow felt a bit odd as there were so few people there.  I don’t think there were more than another couple rooms occupied on our floor, and overall we saw no more than a couple dozen guests during our stay, with the majority of them at breakfast.

it felt like a totally different world; in actuality it was, but in a good way.  Perhaps because it was Ramadan it was not a time to visit for most people, but we un-beknowinglsy (based on when we booked the trip) actually enjoyed the peace and serenity of the occasion. 

Even in the restaurants at dinner, the most people we ever saw was perhaps 3 other tables occupied, although a few people opted for outdoor dining.  Yet we still got outstanding service everywhere we went, and the service was genuine, friendly, and made us feel welcome.

The resort features  multiple pools, a private beach area for guests, a huge multi-room gym, spa, and is meticulously landscaped.  You would almost think you’re at a nice resort in the Caribbean or Hawaii with all the exotic plants and colorful bushes and flowers.

I’ll finish with a couple more night photos of the Hyatt property, showing the skyscrapers in the distance with different color schemes.  We enjoyed taking walks here by day and by night. TheGrand Hyatt Doha, and Qatar in genera,l surpassed our expectations in every way!

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