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Wonderful dinner in Santiago at Oporto Steakhouse!

On our first day in Santiago, Steve (DOS) and I rested up a bit from the trip last night from Miami. When we arrived in the morning, we checked into the Hyatt Centric Hotel and walked around a bit before having breakfast at the hotel.  As this was our first stay at a Hyatt Centric, we weren’t sure what to expect, but it’s similar to a ‘W’ Hotel, as it’s trendy modern, with friendly staff and quality enhancements from the bath towels to the fresh ingredients at the restaurant.

We had breakfast at the hotel, and as explained by our waitress, the buffet was made up of all organic foods, and was quite tasty, as well as fresh.  

We had a nice breakfast before heading back to the room and showering from the overnight flight, followed by a long nap, which turned into an afternoon slumber.  While no jet lag as the time was the same as Miami, on the relatively short 7 1/2 hour flight we didn’t get a full night’s sleep.  The shower and nap did our bodies wonders!

By late afternoon, we were ready for a light lunch, and enjoyed it at the hotel’s bar.  I had a club sandwich, while DOS had a platter of six mini empanadas.  We also had a glass of Chilean Cabernet vino.  Well I had two!   Our server was delightful; she was Chilean but had lived in the US for four years, and spoke perfect English; American dialect and all.  We chatted for quite awhile about travels, food, and wine, and had a great late afternoon lunch there.

For dinner, we had an amazing and unexpected night out of dining at Operto Steakhouse.  We had seen this on Trip Advisor and our hotel Concierge made a reservation for us at 8pm, which is  still early by Chilean standards.  

While the restaurant opens at 7pm, it doesn’t get really busy until after 9pm, and in full mode by 10pm.  By going at 8pm, we had a relaxing dinner before the restaurant got busy, and we enjoyed talking with our waiter Jaime. The restaurant is actually billed as a Steak Bar, with an outdoor seating area (with heated torches), a large indoor seating area with a center piece bar, and trendy decor, lighting and lively music playing in the background; quite classy!

Even the hallway to the restrooms was lit up in neon!

For dinner DOS and I shared an entree-sized portion of Ahi, and had it sliced for an appetizer which we shared.

We next had a humongous salad, which fortunately we shared – it was enormous!

For our steak entrees DOS had a strip steak and I had a ribeye, but Jaime asked if we wanted them one the same platter so we can try some of each, which was a great idea.

By the dessert course, the restaurant and bar were quite busy, and the best treat was yet to come!  Jaime first brought us our ‘intermezzo’ course, which he prepared table-side.  He mixed up the sorbet in a large bowl, and added a liquid, which similar to dry ice produced a smoky mist all over the table – really cool!

After the intermezzo, we had our chocolate dessert and ice cream. Jaime brought us yet another treat – an assortment of mini liquors in spray bottles which we could spray on our dessert!  Of all the many restaurants we have eaten in worldwide, I’ve never seen such a cool display and concept of the spray on cordials!  

I sprayed a bit of the Chivas Regal, Jamison, and Absolute blackberry.  It was delicious!

We had an outstanding time at Oporto, and posed with Jaime before leaving.  It was truly a wonderful night out in Santiago, and enhanced by all the extra touches.  Muchas Gracias, Jaime!






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