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Work week in Lexington, KY

This week Steve (UNO) is writing again as I’ve been traveling for work in Lexington, KY. IMG_6320 It’s already Thursday evening, and this week has gone quickly.  I’ve been staying at the Hyatt downtown Lexington, although I have been working in Cynthiana, which is a scenic 45 minute drive away.  The Lexington area is famous for its many horse farms and estates, and driving to and from my work site each day I encountered miles of fenced in farms and properties, many with gated entrances along the picturesque countryside.   Home of Kentucky Derby winners and many others, the Lexington area is a horse-lovers dream place to live.  While I didn’t have time to sightsee, as always I find some photo ops on my way.

The work week was quite enjoyable, and I had the evenings free so I could walk around the downtown area a bit in search of dinner among the many dining options.  I stayed at the Hyatt on the 16th (top) floor and had a great stay.  The hotel is connected to the arena and several shopping areas, all connected via sky-bridges that make the walk around downtown even easier.IMG_8078 IMG_8077

I tried a couple of the many brew-pub restaurants nearby the hotel, which were both good and fun, yet different in atmosphere and menu.  Saul Good was a more traditional pub, but with an upscale feel to it with its chandeliers and food and drink offerings.  I started off with the beer sampler which offered four different samples I chose from the menu, ranging from Pilsner to Pale Ale, as I don’t care for wheat or Porter brewskis.  I loved the ‘paddle-board’ and glasses that the samples are served in.  This one had a more elaborate wood paddle than the one I have at home, but the glasses were the same four ounce size.  For dinner I had the Bourbon-pork sandwich which went great with the brewskis! IMG_8005

Another night I went to Hopcats, which is a huge and more modern brew-put near the hotel via connected walkway.  Hopcats is a new pub/restaurant, and there beer menu alone is a HUGE front and back large menu page all of its own.  There is also a food menu page which compared to the beer menu, feels rather limited. They did have delicious burgers, pizza and sandwiches, but like Saul Good, the portions seemed on the smaller side.  I wouldn’t go here just for the food, but definitely for a brewskis and an appetizer and/or meeting friends or co-workers.

IMG_6376IMG_6372 IMG_8064


Now I’m in the Lexington Bluegrass Airport heading home to Orlando.  But not for the weekend.  Steve (DOS) is meeting me at the airport and we’re leaving for Los Angeles for the weekend tonight at 6:30pm, so we’re not even going home!IMG_6381 (1)

Have to catch my flight now.  I stopped by the Airport Club here, and was looking for Lynne, who I’ve written about before on my blog.  She was a former Flight Attendant (Stewardess back then, thank you!) and is always a delightful person to talk to with her years of experience and stories.  Sorry I missed you Lynn – see you next time!

Later . . . took an American Airlines CRJ (Regional Jet ) to Charlotte, and had an almost two hour layover, so had a chance to get something to eat.  When I have time I like going to the Carolina Barbecue takeaway station in the main concourse food area.  I did today, and as always the brisket is awesome!

Now it’s nearly 12:30pm, and I’m heading down to my gate for the Orlando flight ‘home’.

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