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Work week in Milwaukee

It’s Thursday night, and I’m catching up with my blog here in my Hyatt Place Hotel by Milwaukee Airport. IMG_3186I’ve been in West Milwaukee all week, and switched to this hotel this evening after working a bit late in Western Milwaukee area.  This Hyatt Place Hotel is just up the street from the airport, so it super convenient for a morning flight.

My work schedule has changed a bit recently, but actually for the good. I am able to do some of my work remotely from home in Orlando, but still travel to site for cutovers and larger projects. Ideally two weeks at home a month would be awesome, and two weeks on the road, although not necessarily combined together. Actually the best of both; more home time, but still travel time. And when I’m home, I work from my home office which is wonderful. IMG_4164 IMG_4160After my Monday morning flight delays up here to Milwaukee on American Airlines, spending more time at home sounds like a great idea.  (Here I am in coach hell – I didn’t get upgraded due to the US/AA code share upgrade window arrangement, and am on the phone trying to rebook my delayed flight). We sat on the ground at the gate for nearly an hour before I walked off the plane, along with several other passengers, who like I, would clearly not make their connection in DFW.  I ended up switching to a US Airways flight (officially American Airlines, but still operates as separate airlines until October when they get their computer systems merged) that got in around the same time as my original flight. IMG_4168 Had I taken the delayed flight I was on, I would not have gotten to Milwaukee until after 7pm, over 4 hours later than originally scheduled.

I really was busy this week in Milwaukee, however, and had no time for much fun, much less going to Summerfest, which looked like a ton of fun.  Billed as the world’s largest music festival, this annual event in Milwaukee goes from this week thru the July 4th weekend, and features some 575 performers!  The Hyatt Place West, where I stayed all week until today, had a hotel shuttle to the event, but unfortunately there was no time for me to go.

I did go the Mayfair Mall at lunch time where they were having a Lego  American road show exhibit!  Quite an unexpected surprise; I went with a co-worker on the project I’m doing here to the food court, and we saw several Leo exhibits which I of course took photos of.IMG_4170  The exhibits were quite large and all American-themed landmarks, such as the White House, Statue of Liberty, IMG_4176Capitol, etc.IMG_4178

Now I’m back in the hotel re-organizing my suitcase and laptop bag for my 9:15am flight in the morning.  I have a full day of travel tomorrow, with a total of four flight segments on US Airways, soon to be American Airlines.  It’s actually two separate tickets; one for work returning home to Orlando, and the other one to Roanoke, Virginia for the weekend.  I had booked the Roanoke trip quite a while ago, as we are going to visit my parents this weekend for their 60th wedding anniversary.  My work trip was booked recently, and is roundtrip from Orlando, so I have to fly home, and then turn right around and fly to Roanoke!   The funny part is I will be on the same plane tomorrow for two of my flights, going to the same destination – Charlotte!  I will start out in the morning flying Milwaukee to Charlotte, then Charlotte to Orlando.  I then meet Dos in Orlando, and we fly together from Orlando to Charlotte on the same plane (and probably with the same crew) as the flight I just got off of coming from Charlotte!  And then on to Roanoke.

And one last pic of the day; a fancy pay-at-the-pump, where I’m seen in the reflection watching the TV screen on the pump station.  While pay at the pump has been around for years, only recently have they added fancy features; this was a first for me – actually a TV screen showing news, commercials, and music!


I work in the technology industry and it still amazes me how things change so quickly.  What’s next; robots pumping our gas for us!

So looking forward to the weekend!  Good night for now.


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