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Work week in New Jersey

Sunday evening, and again stayed at the Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport, as I had an early flight Monday to Newark.  We got our 10th floor preferred runway view room which is nice with a balcony overlooking the flights coming and going. IMG_7522

We had an early dinner and I had a brewski in the lounge before heading to bed. We had the buffet breakfast at the Hyatt in the morning, and I was on my way to New Jersey, while DOS headed back to Sarasota for the week.IMG_7527IMG_7528

This was a quick work week for me, and other than the horrific traffic up north, was nothing special. I stayed in Somerset at the Homewood Suites and commuted to downtown North Brunswick each day. While only about a five mile drive, it could take 15-45 minutes depending on the time of day you left and the traffic. I tried to leave by 7am so the traffic was much lighter. Parking downtown was $17 a day in the parking garage, but at least the automated gates took credit cards.

I worked late several nights so really didn’t get out to do anything, but it was actually a good week, and a very good customer to work with. It gets darker earlier up north, and by 4:45pm it was already dark, although most nights I didn’t leave until 6:30 or 7pm.

I walked by this Lutheran Church each day, IMG_7543and the first day I saw this plaque out front I had to take a picture. In light of the Terrorist attack on France last Friday night, I thought it was appropriate now as much as ever.









By Friday I was ready to go home, and drove back to Newark airport and returned my rental car. Just like Chicago, there were umpteen taxes added to the base rate which raises the rental charge substantially.  All car rentals do that (as do hotels), but in some cities such as Newark and Chicago it borders on ridiculous – the taxes and fees on a $271 weekly rental added $102 to the charge making it over $373 a week!  And that doesn’t include the toll charges for the area – what do they do with this tax money?  It sure must not be spent on the airport as Newark Airport, in my opinion is a dump.  Fortunately I expense the charges for work, but honestly it makes you wonder how our tax $$$ are spent.

After checking in for my American Airlines flight, I had lunch in the Admiral’s Club at Newark.  The club looked as if it have been updated, and it was large and a welcome relief from the rest of the crowded terminal area.


American had a nice display case in the foyer of the club with lots of old airline memorabilia which I always like looking at.IMG_7556

I then flew back from EWR to CLT on an American Airlines 321, seated in First Class 3A. I was hoping to get a photo of Manhattan but I was on the wrong side of the plane for that. I did get a couple pics of Newark though – which is always a better view leaving!

IMG_6428 IMG_6430

I hadn’t flown into Newark in years, and it’s even worse than I remember it being. While I’m sure there are nicer parts of the airport, the ‘A’ terminal I went out of for American looks like it hadn’t been update since it opened some 40 years ago! They didn’t have TSA pre-check either, which is very surprising for such a major airport.

My connecting flight was on a huge Airbus 330-200 series, and unfortunately I didn’t get upgraded for this flight, even though there were 20 First Class seats. I think most of the people in First were international Business Class connections heading home on Friday night. I had a decent coach seat, 10C Aisle in the middle four-section, which was ok for the quick hour and 15 minute flight back to Orlando.IMG_6438

DOS picked me up at the Orlando airport at 6:30pm, and we headed home first, and then to Outback for our Friday night dinner. Out of curiosity when I got home, I ‘googled’ ‘Is Newark the worst airport in the country?.  Not surprisingly I saw the listing of the top 25 worst airports. Guess which airport made the number one spot!

Anyway, it’s always good to be back home! Happy Friday!

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