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Work week in Wichita Falls

Aloha!  I’m back from Kauai, and already on my next business trip; this time to Wichita Falls, TEXAS.  I didn’t know their was a Wichita Falls in Texas until I booked my flight before I left for Hawaii, but now I know and I’ve been there too!img_1804

I haven’t finished posting from my Hawaii trip yet, but didn’t want to get behind as a week and several thousand miles have passed since the last Cookie post.  I’ll finish up the other Hawaii posts as time permits, but it’s now Thursday night and I’m flying home to Orlando, and then up to Virginia to see my parents this weekend.  The trip to Virginia wasn’t a planned trip for us, but unfortunately Mom went in the hospital this week and DOS and I are going up to see her, so we got a last minute ticket this week for Roanoke.  Mom’s out of the hospital now fortunately and recovering, but we want to see her, and help out in any way we can.  Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated, as my Mom is 84 year old.  My parents were planning to move to their new house this weekend, but that has been postponed a few days now, but they are glad we are coming, even if it’s just for the weekend.  I have to travel again on Monday for work.

This week I was in Wichita Falls, Texas, and had a fairly quick four days there.  I flew up on Monday morning to DFW on American Airlines, and didn’t get upgraded this trip, and sat in the ‘back of the bus’; actually a nice exit row aisle seat.  The only good thing I can say about flying Coach is you can really appreciate it when you’re back in First Class!  LOL!img_9581 I was seated across from the Flight Attendant jump seat, and commented to her how different it felt sitting in the back.  I didn’t mean that in a snobby way (although I’m sure it came out that way LOL), but I meant you can really feel the engine power and thrust much more from the back of the plane on take off.  I remember DOS telling me one time that it can be much rougher in the back of the plane than the front in turbulent weather, and I guess that makes sense as the long plane might sway more towards the rear.

Anyway, I had a couple hour layover in DFW before flying on to Wichita Falls, TX, and spent much of it in the Admiral’s Club, before walking to my ‘B’ gate.  The  Wichita Falls Airport terminal is new, and uses the runways of adjacent Sheppard Air Force Base.  img_1801While there are only two gates, the terminal is large and spacious, and on my return flight today there were plenty of comfortable chairs in the boarding area that had a power adapter at every other seat!  Very useful for both the business and leisure traveler – Bravo Wichita Falls Airport!

img_1884 img_1882There is also a museum of sorts by the baggage claim, with an Air Force jet, and several military displays, as well as historic and nostalgic items, such as this Victrola, which was before my time.



img_1823 img_1828 img_1827 img_1824

I picked up my rental car from Avis this week, as there was not a National Car rental at this location.  As always, I take a photo of the rental car and note any damage.  In this case there was a larger than normal scratch at the trunk, so I actually went back to the Avis agent and had him note than on the contract, as I showed him a photo of it.


I stayed at the Homewood Suites in Wichita Falls, which was a very nice Homewood and had recently been renovated so it looked brand new.  img_1842

img_1831 img_1832

The hotel sits in university-ville as Midwestern State University and Vernon College are literally in the backyard.  There was a small lake behind the hotel, most likely part of the College, but with the gate open at the hotel, made for an inviting evening walk.  img_1844Lots of ducks, geese, people walking their dogs, joggers and walkers such as myself made use of this pretty and relaxing setting.  I took a walk around the lake, and according to my Apple watch, it was approximately a mile or so.img_1841

I enjoyed looking at the lake during my stay, from the early morning sunrise glow to the evenings at night when I got back to my room.

img_1855 My work week went quick and though I was busy and worked late a couple nights, it wasn’t too bad as I worked with some friendly and fun co-workers.  It’s hard to believe it’s past mid-October now, but that means it’s Halloween season, and one night driving home I stopped to look at some of the yard decorations.

img_1863We are traditionally huge Halloween fanatics with tons of decorations but this year we have no time to set up the decorations at home, and will be out of town on Halloween.

My trip home was on Thursday this week, and that made for a long day coming home, as my flight wasn’t until 4pm after working on site until 2pm.  I flew back on American, again via DFW, and fortunately this time I was upgraded on this dinner flight home.  As Steve (DOS) doesn’t come until Friday’s, I took a cab home when I landed at 10:30pm.  After a quick shower it was time for bed.  I get one whole night at home for the next two weeks!  Good Night.



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