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AMA Waterways ‘Chefs of Lyon’

This video is on our second AMA Waterways river cruise; this one thru the beautiful French countryside.  We stayed 4 nights pre-cruise in Paris, and then took a high-speed train for two hours to Lyon, France; our departure point for the AMA River Cruise.

This short video was a pre-cruise cooking ‘demonstration’, which was actually a fun hands-on interactive cooking class.  We split up into groups and rotated thru three different ‘classes’, making a main course, appetizer, and dessert.

Of course I got picked on as I was clueless how to cook gourmet foods, (my specialty at home is throwing a steak on the grill) and I gave it my best college try.  It helped they served us vino with the cooking!  It was all in good fun and a great way to meet our fellow cruisers prior to boarding the ship.



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