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Friday the 13th – part 2

Ok, so i jinxed myself with the last post.  I’m now sitting on my connecting flight from CLT to JAX, and it’s 2 hours past departure time.  I boarded the original plane on time at 11:35am, only to be told by the Captain we would be delayed due to East Coast Air Traffic delays, which he said was unusual going to JAX.

Well, then as luck would have it, they discovered a water leak on our plane as we waited.  I guess that’s a good thing rather than in the air, but it further delayed us.  After maintenance looked at this, they determined the plane would have to be towed to the hanger, and everyone had to get off the plane. Here we are waiting to board the second flight.USAir signWP_20150213_010

Now it’s 2:17pm and I’m finally airborne on the way to JAX.  I wish this was a lunch flight as I’m starving, but I guess I’ll have to get by with the snacks basket of chips and mixed nuts.Photo on 2-13-15 at 2.38 PM

Anyway, it’s a short 45 minute flight, and we are already descending, now so gotta put the laptop away. I wrote a quick email to USAirways thanking the crew and gate staff for a great job, patience, and keeping the passengers well informed.

So now looking forward to landing in Jax and next stop Jekyll Island!

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