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Lifetime Hilton Diamond status!

It’s Wednesday night as I write this in frigid Somerset, PA.  I got here on Monday after flying into Pittsburgh, and driving nearly two hours thru the snowy and foggy mountains.  While I can deal with the cold (but don’t like the windy cold), I don’t like the icy conditions and super thick FOG on the mountains as I drove the 76 Turnpike to Somerset.  Fortunately I made it ok, but have to drive back to Pittsburgh tomorrow morning, and the weather forecast is for snow tonight.  I’m at the Hampton Inn Somerset, probably the best hotel in town, and it’s ok, but not the best Hampton I’ve stayed at.  The blinds are really strange, if not difficult to open.  It’s like pulling the rope for the theater curtains to open, not the easiest thing to do, nor convenient.

Anyway, the good news of the day is an email I got saying I was awarded Lifetime Hilton Diamond status!!!  hilton stampThey just started the Lifetime Diamond status, so I’m one of the original bunch to get it.  I (and others) had previously written to Hilton asking when they would have this special lifetime level awarded, but until now it hasn’t been an option.  Noting that Marriott, Hyatt, and Starwood have Lifetime, I guess Hilton figured it was their turn.  Hilton has much more stringent requirement:  10 years as a Diamond, plus 1,000 paid nights!   To reach the annual Diamond status, you have to stay 60 plus nights a year, and have to re-qualify each year, so by getting Lifetime status, that will be great for when I retire and am not traveling so much for work.  I’ve actually been Diamond since 2001, and have been a Hilton member since 1999, so I guess loyalty really does pay off.

So now I’m working on keeping/upgrading my Hyatt status as well. While I’ll still stay at Hilton properties, I would like to get Platinum with Hyatt as well, (although won’t have lifetime Hyatt obviously).  Hyatt requires 50 nights a year, or 24 stays, which I can probably do by staying on Thursday night’s near an airport property, which I’m doing again tomorrow night.

Anyway, that was the news for the day.  It’s 9 o’clock on a Wed . . . no regular crowd rushing in . . .I’m sitting in my hotel room . . . blogging this all at once on a whim . . ..  Oh la, la, te dah . ..

La, la, la, la, la ah ah . . .  Sing us a lullaby as I’m off to bed  . . .

Ok, not quite, but do have to pack up to check out tomorrow.  I’m dreading that mountain drive back to Pittsburgh – but at least I got Lifetime Diamond status!  Good night.

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